The 10 Best Wood Planers to Buy 2020

The 10 Best Wood Planers to Buy 2020

Although wood planers come at a hefty price, they’re not as costly as they were in the past. Nowadays, a lot of the models will allow you to convert stock wood into boards of the same thickness. Since these machines are very handy, you can think of the best wood planers as an investment.

Of course, choosing the right wood planer can be a challenge especially if you don’t know what to look for or where to start. With so many brands and models available, you need all the information you can get to make a wise choice. In this article, we’ll help you out by providing you with relevant information about wood planers and a review of some of the best products available now.

Features to consider in Good Wood Planers

Thickness and width capacity

Before you choose a wood planer, you need to know what thickness you need. Usually, electric planers have a capacity of 6-inches, but there are other machines available with a higher thickness. Also, most models come with a depth stop so you can adjust the machine to the width you commonly use.

The maximum width that a planer can handle is its width capacity. Again, choose the wood planer according to what you need. Normally though, wood planers have a capacity ranging from 12-20-inches.


This is the next feature to look out for when choosing the best wood planer to suit your needs and preferences. In the US, standard jacks pull 110V while it’s 220V in Europe and all other parts of the world. When choosing a machine, learn about its electrical specifications, so you’re sure that it will run in your home or workspace.

Knives and blade speed

When it comes to wood planers, they can have 2, 3 or 5 knives on the cutterhead. If the machine has more blades and a faster speed, it will deliver more strokes. This, in turn, will provide you with a more refined and smoother finish. The blade speed is important too, and it’s a good idea to choose a machine with an adjustable blade speed for better versatility and control.

Type of wood planer

There are different types of wood planers available, and they each have their own distinct purpose. They have advantages over others and their drawbacks as well. Before you choose a wood planer to buy, it’s also important to learn these different types so that you know which one you need.

  • Benchtop – These have similarities to portable planers, but they’re a bit bigger. If you work with a benchtop planer, you should do so on a flat surface. These are powerful, they can perform deeper cuts, and they can handle thicker materials too. They’re moderately powerful, and they can handle hardwood.
  • Hand – This type is the one of the first to come out. They come with a serrated edge that’s parallel to the surface of the wood. With a hand planer, you move across the wood’s surface by starting from the thinner end. In doing this, you’ll shave the wood until you’ve leveled it completely.
  • Jointer – This type will allow you to perform 2 tasks at a time. Purchasing a jointer planer would cost you less than getting separate machines. This type of wood planer is perfect for small workshops and DIY enthusiasts.
  • Portable – You can set this type of wood planer on automatic then push the material in and expect a consistent thickness from it. Portable planers are just smaller versions of stationary planers, and they’re a lot more portable. Just like a hand planer, you should place this on a flat surface while working.
  • Thickness – This type of wood planer will shave a couple of inches off your wood plank so you can achieve the thickness you need. Thickness planers are generally compact and portable, but you need a lot of space to use them.

The 10 Best Wood Planers 2020

DEWALT DW735X Two-Speed Thickness Planer

Why we like it: This is a powerful wood planer with a 15-Amp motor. It's able to handle bigger cuts using wider materials easily. It has a 3-knife cutterhead which provides a longer life for the knives and a chip ejection that's assisted which vacuums the chips and expels them out of the planer. Also, the machine has a gearbox with 2 speeds so you can adjust the speed as your work requires.

Editor’s Rating:

This is one of the best wood planers available because of its power and efficiency. It’s an electric planer which comes with 3 knives to make the knife life longer. With this planer, changing blades is an easy task. In terms of speed, you can choose the machine’s CPI or cuts per inch between 96 and 179.

This is a powerful planer which can handle wider materials easily. This model comes with an ejection vacuum that’s fan-assisted to keep your work area free of sawdust and chips. It even has a carriage lock that’s automatic to minimize movements, so your work goes smoothly.

You can see wood planers as an investment especially if you pick one that’s heavy-duty and built to last. With this machine, you can handle various projects from doors, furniture, customized millwork, and more. This machine is a true powerhouse thanks to its robust motor that can turn the blades at a whopping 10,000 rpm.

This means that you can perform substantial cuts on hard and wide materials. The planer also comes with a free set of knives to replace the ones already installed.

Easy to use
Aside from being highly efficient, this wood planer is also extremely user-friendly. For one, blade changing is a simple process. All you have to do is take off the planer’s top section to fully expose the exhaust shroud and the blades. Each of the blades come with screws of their own, and you just need to depress a lever so you can move on to the next place. The planer has a gearbox with 2 speeds which you can use to reduce or boost the speed with the flick of a switch.


  • It has a powerful motor which allows it to handle wider materials and larger cuts with ease.
  • The 3-knife cutter head provides a longer life for the knives.
  • Includes a gearbox which allows you to change the feed speed easily.
  • Comes with outfeed and infeed tables plus an additional set of knives.


  • Some customers had issues with the blades.

DEWALT DW734 15 Amp 12-1/2-Inch Benchtop Planer

Why we like it: This is a powerful machine which you can use to perform deeper and larger cuts even with hardwood. It has a 3-knife cutterhead which provides 96 CPI which is a fine finish for a portable planer. It has reversible and disposable knives which provide a longer knife life while making blade changes easier and faster.

Editor’s Rating:

This thickness planer comes with a powerful motor and a cutterhead with 3 knives. It offers a quick and accurate adjustment of depth and feed tables which are extra-long to provide better support for materials. To add convenience, the knives are disposable and reversible which means that you can easily make clean and custom stock. The carriage lock has 4 columns which help reduce the movements which may cause snipe.

Easy to use
The planer’s knives are razor-sharp, disposable, and reversible. The knives are of a durable material, and they will last longer than the standard disposable knives to help prevent re-sharpening which can be time-consuming and costly. The cutterhead has pins machined onto it, and these pins go through the holes which are already machined on the knives.

This feature makes it quick and easy to make knife changes. It even comes with a dust hood which you can attach to a standing dust collector or a shop vacuum to collect debris and chips efficiently.

This comes with outfeed and infeed tables which are extra-long and provide more material support. It has a turret depth stop which can help save time as you set the machine at the commonly used depths. The machine comes with a thickness scale and a gauge for material removal to help make sure that each pass has excellent accuracy. It also comes with a 4-column carriage lock which minimizes the movements which cause snipe or material damage.


  • The 3-knife cutter head provides a fine finish each time.
  • Comes with reversible and disposable knives making knife changes quick and easy.
  • Has a carriage lock with four columns which reduces the chance of snipe.
  • The outfeed and infeed tables are extra-long to provide better support for materials.


  • The blades may become dull over time.

WEN 6550 Benchtop Thickness Planer

Why we like it: The wood planer's table is of granite, and it provides the machine with a non-marring and sturdy surface for materials to travel over smoothly. With this planer, you can plane materials with up to 12.5-inches in width or 6-inches in thickness. It has a 15-Amp motor, and you can adjust the cutting depth each time you pass a material through it.

Editor’s Rating:

You can use this sturdy Thickness Planer to repurpose worn or rough wood to give it a finish that’s exceptionally smooth. It has a powerful motor and a 2-blade system for cutting which provides more than 18,000 RPM at a feed rate of 26-feet per minute. With this heavy-duty machine, you can plane boards up to 6-inches in thickness and 12.5 inches in width.

It has a table made of smooth granite which doesn’t ever warp and provides accurate support for the materials which pass through the machine. Combine this with the iron base that’s made of cast iron, and you have a sturdy machine which won’t wobble or walk while you work.

This wood planer has a sturdy table which ensures that you have a perfectly flat surface which will support all your boards and materials. The granite material it’s made of will maintain its integrity for years to come, and it will never distort or warp as time goes by.

Aside from providing a non-marring and smooth surface, the granite also prevents any sawdust from sticking to the surface of the table. The machine also comes with a frame of cast-iron which creates a sturdy and rugged base to eliminate unnecessary movement during operation.

The machine has a powerful motor which can generate more than 18,000 cuts each minute making quick and easy work no matter how hard your wood is. With it, you can easily cut through different materials. It has 2 blades and a cutting system which works efficiently with each pass.

The planer also has installation magnets and index pins to give the blades a correct and even alignment each time you replace them. With all these features, the machine is still highly portable, and it even comes with a dust port that’s fan-assisted to remove debris and sawdust.


  • With this wood planer, you can work with materials up to 6-inches in thickness.
  • Has a powerful motor which makes the machine highly functional.
  • The dust port is fan-assisted and it eliminates sawdust efficiently.
  • Has a granite table that's smooth and will never warp over time.


  • The paint on the extension tables tends to rub off.

PORTER-CABLE PC60THP 6-Amp Hand Planer

Why we like it: This is a heavy-duty machine that comes with a robust 6-amp motor. It has a dust extraction feature on both sides so you can extract the dust from either side of the machine. The wood planer also comes with an overmold depth knob that has 10 positive stops. It's a mess-free machine that's easy to use too.

Editor’s Rating:

Easy to use
The planer’s motor is both powerful and heavy-duty. It provides you with a smooth cutting operation even with hard materials. It has a maximum no-load speed of 16,500 RPM for a smoother removal of materials. The planer has dust extraction features on both sides allowing for more flexibility in terms of keeping your work area clean.

The overmold depth knob has 10 positive stops which means that you have better control and you can manage the different depth settings. It even comes with three chamfering grooves, so you have different choices on edge chamfering.

One of the standout features of this planer is the improved method of dust collection. Usually, working with a wood planer means that you’d have to deal with the mess after your task. But this particular machine has dual side dust extraction, and it also comes with a dust bag. This makes your work virtually mess-free, therefore, increasing your productivity. It’s a precise tool which you can use even for finer work.

When it comes to wood planers, power is key. Fortunately, this machine provides the power you need to work smoothly and effortlessly. Although not as lightweight as other models, it’s still relatively portable. It’s an effective machine which uses carbide or steel high-speed blades. These blades are perfect for those tough jobs. It even comes with a shoe made of cast aluminum for superior control and a better quality finish.


  • It's easy to use as it provides superior efficiency.
  • Powered by a heavy-duty motor, and it even comes with chamfering grooves.
  • It has dust extraction on two sides allowing for better sawdust elimination.
  • Has a depth knob for the overmold that comes with 10 positive stops.


  • The tool base doesn't remain parallel.

WEN 6552 3-Blade 15 Amp Benchtop Thickness Planer

Why we like it: This planer has an onboard gauge for material removal. This will inform you about the depth of cut of every pass. With this machine, you can plane boards with up to 13-inches in width and 6-inches in thickness. It has a 15-Amp motor which generates more than 25,000 RPM and a 3-blade design which makes cutting easier.

Editor’s Rating:

This is another Thickness Planer from the WEN brand. With it, you can repurpose word and rough wood and give it an incredibly smooth finish. It’s a reliable machine thanks to its powerful motor that has a feed rate of 26-feet per minute. It can easily plane materials of different sizes, and it comes with a material removal gauge.

All these features, along with the heavy-duty base made of cast iron makes this machine a true workhorse. It even comes with a dust port that’s assisted by a fan to help remove any sawdust and debris from your workpiece.

Easy to use
This wood planer has a convenient knob for depth adjustment which varies every pass from 0-3/32 of an inch. The dust port is another convenient feature which eliminates sawdust and chips by blasting them away. It also comes with outfeed and infeed tables which are height-adjustable. This feature minimizes snipe and provides extra material support while you work.

The efficiency of this wood planer comes from its powerful motor. With it, you can plane wood up to 6-inches thick and 13-inches wide. It’s an electric wood planer with a motor that generates more than 25,000 RPM with a feed rate of 26-feet per minute.

You can easily mount this planer to a stand or work surface by using the base holes which are already predrilled. It also comes with a 3-blade design which means that you can work with even the hardest of wood.


  • It can plane boards up to 13-inches in width and 6-inches in thickness.
  • It has a gauge for material removal which will inform you of the cutting depth.
  • Has a 3-blade design allowing you to plane even the hardest types of wood.
  • The dust port is fan-assisted and it effectively removes sawdust.


  • A lot of customers don't appreciate the machine's snipe.

DEWALT DW680K 7 Amp 3-1/4-Inch Planer

Why we like it: This is a highly durable machine that's also easy to use. It has a heavy-duty motor which provides an even and smooth finish even with hardwood. It has a maximum cut of 3/32-inches in a single pass to reduce the number of passes on the material. This planer accepts high-speed blades which are of steel and resharpenable. This makes it suitable for framing and edging applications.

Editor’s Rating:

This machine is a must-have for any serious woodworker. It has a rugged motor that generates 15,000 RPM and produces a steady and level result no matter how tough your application is. The machine features increased quality and function, and it even comes with a convenient kickstand.

This wood planer has compatibility with reversible blades made of carbide which are suitable for framings or straight edge cuts. It has a depth adjustment knob that’s calibrated, so you don’t have to re-zero the depth every time. The planer’s shoe bottom and side are precision-machined to provide a surface finish that’s flat.

The precision-machined shoe of this wood planer allows for even results for each pass. It also produces rabbet joints which are perfectly square-shaped. The planer has three guides at the front which are also precision-machined which generate distinct channels for beveling. It has a calibrated adjustment knob for the depth to make sure that the positions are always fine-tuned.

Because of the compact design of this wood planer, it has adequate portability. Although it’s not as lightweight as other models, you can easily carry it around or wield it around your job site or home with just one hand. Despite its size, it’s still powerful enough, and it’s designed to minimize the number of passes you have to make.
The planer provides a finish that’s incredibly smooth on various hardwoods thanks to its perfect blend of performance and pace. It’s also easy to use as it comes with a 2-finger trigger which reduces exhaustion even if you use it for longer periods of time.


  • The maximum cut of the machine reduces the number of passes on materials.
  • It accepts re-sharpenable steel blades for framing or straight edging applications.
  • The Depth Adjustment Knob is precisely calibrated for better accuracy.
  • The wood planer accepts reversible blades made of carbide for more accurate and detailed woodworking.


  • Some claim that the back and front shoes aren't parallel.

PORTER-CABLE PC305TP 12" Thickness Planer

Why we like it: The 15-Amp motor of this wood planer allows for better stock removal. It has a 2-knife system, and it's easy to change the blade of the machine. The cutter is of solid steel and its head-mounted on the ball bearings. This ensures a smooth operation and the planer's long life. The knives are double-edged and reversible to double the cutting life too.

Editor’s Rating:

This thickness planer comes with a powerful motor for better stock removal. The cutterhead speed is at 8,000 RPM, and it provides up to 16,000 cuts each minute. The quick-change, 2-knife planer has a cutterhead of solid steel. It’s ideal for dimensioning wood to the thickness you need, and you can even use it to plane glued-up materials.

The planer has a cutter elevation that’s patented on 4 columns which are precision ground for superior stability while cutting. The cutterhead even has a Poly V Belt with a rugged chain or gearbox and a Sprocket feed roller drive which provides maximum transfer of power.

Although this planer comes at a reasonable price, that doesn’t mean it compromises the functionality. This machine can accommodate materials with a width of 12.5-inches and a cutting depth of 1/16-inches. It has a high input-feed speed compared to other models. With all these features, it’s one of the best wood planers for the money.

Value for money
The input-feed speed of this planer is one of its best features. It’s a lot faster than the competition which makes it quite popular with a lot of users. This machine generates 16,000 cuts per minute which means that it can make about 50 cuts each inch. With this planer, you can work faster and more productively.


  • Has a powerful motor which allows for better stock removal.
  • The knives have double edges and are of high-carbon steel to ensure longevity.
  • Provides excellent cut stability thanks to the cutter elevation.
  • The cutter head drive has a Poly V Belt, and it has a feed roller drive which provides superior power transfer.


  • The blades may become dull quickly.

POWERTEC PL1251 12-1/2-Inch 15-Amp Planer

Why we like it: This wood planer has an index set-up for the pins allowing for easier blade replacement. With it, you don't need a blade gauge to make changes. The planer has a 4-column design for enhanced accuracy and stability. It also has a return roller for your workpiece that provides assistance when you work with extra-long materials.

Editor’s Rating:

This has a universal 120V motor. It generates more than 18,000 cute per minute which is more than other models available. It’s a well-constructed machine that works effectively too. The planer even comes with carrying handles on the sides for the purpose of portability. In terms of safety, this has a spindle lock which makes blade changing easier and safer.

With this planer, blade replacement is easier thanks to the index pin set-up. It provides superior accuracy and stability because of the planer’s 4-column design. You can work with extra-long materials with this wood planer because of the return roller. It provides the assistance you need while working with materials of different sizes. Other convenient features include the carrying handles and the spindle lock.

If you’re looking for an affordable wood planer, then this is the one for you. It’s perfect for small or medium projects as it’s able to deliver precise and smooth results each time. The reasonably priced wood planer has a 15-Amp motor which provides the power needed for various projects. It’s a lightweight machine that’s efficient, portable, and will give you good value for your money.


  • Greater accuracy and stability provided by the 4-column design.
  • Has a return roller for the material which provides assistance when working with long boards.
  • It's a highly portable wood planer thanks to the carrying handles mounted on the side.
  • The spindle lock feature makes blade changing a lot safer.


  • The frame isn't very sturdy.

JET 708524 JPM-13CS 13-Inch 1-1/2-Horsepower Planer/Molder

Why we like it: The table of this planer is of durable cast iron, and it helps minimize vibration. It has adjustable outfeed and infeed tables and a robust motor that's located at the base of the machine. This planer/molder always produces a superb finish thanks to its 3-cutterhead design. It can even handle materials up to 6-inches in height and 13-inches in width.

Editor’s Rating:

This wood planer has an excellent design, and it’s built to last. It’s an enclosed machine with a motor which you can rewire to change the voltage. The cutterhead assembly comes with 2 V-bels which run through the multi-groove pulleys that are precision-machined. It even has a side door on its cabinet that’s removable in case you need to access the machine’s motor.

The planer comes with a table made of cast iron and a sturdy base which provide strength and reduce vibrations while you work. It has lockable casters already built-in to add stability and support while making the planer highly maneuverable.

This wood planer has a cutterhead that’s precision-machined, made of durable steel, and comes with 3 knives with full widths. These knives have wedge-shaped gibs which means that you can install several profiles for molding knives without having to take out the blades. In fact, the center part of the gib allows you to install most types of molding knives easily.

This planer has 2 feed rates. You can use the high setting for dimensioning wood while the low setting is perfect for finishing cuts when you need a smooth surface. Also, this lower setting is ideal for molding applications.

As aforementioned, the planer has a table made of cast iron, and this provides a lot of contact surface and heft for various materials. On the top of the planer, is a hand crank that’s easy to use. The opening of the infeed housing has convenient inch and metric scales so you can make accurate and simple adjustments. The machine even comes with a dust chute to keep your work area clean.


  • Has a sturdy table made of cast-iron which helps reduce vibration
  • The outfeed and infeed tables are high-quality and adjustable.
  • The motor's located at the base of the machine, and it even comes with a stand.
  • Also, the motor provides enough power to the machine and allows it to make provide a superior finish each time.


  • Some complaints of snipe after each pass.

Makita KP0810 7.5 Amp 3-1/4-Inch Planer

Why we like it: This wood planer has a cutterhead with 2 blades for quick removal of materials. The motor generates up to 16,000 RPM, and it has a convenient chip ejection feature wherein you can direct it to either side of the machine. The power button of this planer is conveniently located, and you can operate it from both sides of the handle.

Editor’s Rating:

This model comes engineered for professional door and window installation, fine woodworking, and construction framing. It’s perfectly engineered with innovative technology, and it comes with a 7.5-Amp motor. This robust motor provides an increased output power with a 2-blade cutterhead and a 16,000 RPM for better stock removal.

It’s equipped with double-edge blades made of carbide for improved performance. Also, the machine has a rigid housing made of die-cast aluminum and an all ball bearing construction. The engineering and the durable materials allow for a longer machine life.

Easy to use
This lightweight machine provides a balance that’s ergonomically centered. It comes with rubberized handles on the rear and the front so you can operate it more comfortably. The planer has a stand that’s spring-loaded which elevates its base to keep your workpiece and the blades protected.

With this machine, you can direct chip ejection on either side. It has a depth adjust knob which has scales which are easy to read. Also, the lock-on button is conveniently located to allow for continuous operation.

This wood planer is also ultra-lightweight. It only weighs 7 pounds which means that you can carry it around from one place to another. The weight also allows you to work with the machine for longer periods of time without getting tired. Despite its lightweight design, it’s still rugged enough to perform the tasks you need thanks to all its other features.


  • For added convenience, you can direct chip ejection on either side of the wood planer.
  • The lock button is conveniently located, and you can operate it from either side.
  • Has a rubberized grip with an ergonomic design and an adjustment knob for the depth.
  • The front base comes with 3 options for chamfering grooves.


  • Some customers claim that there's too much drift.

Guide to Buying the Best Wood Planers

As you can see, there’s a lot to learn about wood planers. We’ve also reviewed some of the best wood planers available now and choosing any of them will guarantee you a superb purchase. But before you make your choice, it’s best to consider a few important things.

What important factors should you consider when buying a wood planer?


A wood planer’s motor is always rated in Amps and the more Amps, the more powerful the machine is. For instance, hand planers don’t have as many Amps as the larger models. The machine’s motor is important to consider. The best models have 2 types of motors, induction or universal.

Induction motors are perfect for stationary workshops, industrial setups, and static installations. They’re also more durable than universal motors. Conversely, universal motors are more lightweight, and they’re more suitable for portable applications, lightweight constructions, and smaller-sized wood planers.


The next factor to consider is the size of the wood planer. Normally, this refers to the maximum width of material that the wood planer can handle. Wood planers come in different sizes, and you should first decide if you need one of the smaller models or one of the larger wood planers.

Practical features to look out for when choosing a wood planer

There are also some practical features to consider when choosing such a machine. If you want to get the best wood planer available, these factors will go a long way for you.


Some wood planers have common accessories such as chip or dust bags, fences, wrenches, and guides. Some models also come with an extra set of high-quality blades. There are wood planers which are fully-loaded with features while others don’t come with any extras so choose wisely.


The machine’s weight is important especially if you plan to purchase a hand planer. The weight will also determine the wood planer’s maneuverability. Find a product with a good balance of power, feel, and weight as this may increase your productivity.

The Verdict

Having a wood planer in your home or workspace will allow you to perform your woodworking tasks more efficiently and productively. Choosing one is not an easy task but we hope this guide will make your purchase easy. If you want to get the best wood planer to suit your needs, then you have to consider a lot of things.

Wood planers are very useful machines, and you can think of them as an investment. Since you’re going to spend some good money on the wood planer, you should choose one which has all the features you need. Consider all the important factors and features first then you can consider the products we’ve reviewed for you.