Best Black Lights: Make the Invisible Visible

Best Black Lights: Make the Invisible Visible

You can use a black light for different purposes from parties, household chores, nighttime excursions, authentication, and more. Although a lot of people use these lights, it can be quite difficult to find the best black lights because there are a lot of options available on the market. If you don’t know where to start, making a choice can be very tedious.

In this article, we’ll provide you with all the information you need so you can find the best one for your own needs. We’ll talk about the features and factors to consider when choosing a black light. Also, we’ll help narrow down your options by reviewing some of the best products available to give you a better idea of what you can choose from.

Features to consider in Good Black Lights


The main purpose of a black light is to emit UV light which differs from other kinds of light. In a dark room, the light emitted by a black light can illuminate specific objects and also provide a stunning and unique glow known as fluorescence. The objects which get illuminated by a black light are lightly colored, or white in color and such objects will give off a very bright glow.

When choosing a black light, think about your purpose for needing one. For instance, such lights are especially popular during Halloween as they can provide special effects to haunted houses. Some people use black lights to find spots and stains in their homes while others use them for performances. If you want to find the best black light for you, think about what you need first.


Black lights come in a wide range of powers and styles. You can choose a screw bulb, a flashlight, a string light, a bar, and more. Homeowners generally prefer bulbs and flashlights because they are the most convenient and easy to use. These are also the most affordable styles of black lights, but they have a lot of functions.

As you look at different products, think about which style would suit your needs. You may need a wider beam for a stage or a smaller beam with a brighter light so you can go searching for minerals, scorpions, and more. When you know what style you want, the choice becomes easier.


Next, think about the light of the product. Some black lights provide the option of short-wave light. This isn’t ideal for flashlights because of the light’s strength. Black lights with short-wave features can be very beneficial for eliminating germs rather than for use as a household tool.

There are some products which provide white-colored UV light too. These lights have similar properties to lighting fixtures which you may find in tanning salons or in animal cages if the animal needs regular daylight exposure. Such products emit a genuine UV light, but they won’t provide you with the black light experience you want. Therefore, if you see any of these products, it’s best to keep on looking.

Long or short-wave

Long-wave black lights include filters which have the ability to screen out most of the visible light they emit but not all of it. If you need this option in your black light, you can purchase the filter separately to make your black light more versatile. Either that or you can choose a product which already has this feature. Do this if you only need long-wave light.

When it comes to short-wave light, there are two types namely filtered and unfiltered. Unfiltered short-wave black lights permit a huge amount of visible light. This makes it useless for the purpose of finding minerals. This is because when there’s too much visible light, the objects won’t glow as much.

Conversely, the filtered short-wave black lights filter out most of the visible light, only permitting the short-wave UV light to pass through. The filters for these products are quite expensive which is why short-wave black lights of a high-quality are more expensive compared to long-wave black lights.


You should also think about the price of the black light too. You don’t have to break the bank just to buy a black light for your home or office. There are many products out there which come in various price ranges. Set your budget and search for products which fall within your budget.

No matter how you look at it, a black light can serve as an investment. Whether you want to use it for tasks at home, to improve your work, and more, a black light can be very beneficial. So after you look at the features, take a look at the price too and try to determine if the product is worth the money you’ll spend on it.

Top 10 Best Black Lights 2021

1. TaoTronics Black Light

TaoTronics Black Light

Why we like it: With this black light, you can make the invisible, visible. You can clearly see spots and stains on different surfaces just by shining this flashlight on them. This is also very useful for hunting scorpions, authenticating currencies, and more.

Editor’s Rating:

This is an efficient flashlight which can reveal those which you cannot see with the naked eyes. It emits a wavelength of 395 nm, and it even comes with 3 high-quality Duracell batteries so you can start using the black light right away. It’s a well-built product which provides a focused output. The affordable black light has multiple uses and will give you an excellent fluorescing effect whenever you need it.

The black light has a professional design, and it won’t let you miss any spots or stains. It performs beyond expectations as you can use it to find invisible stains on clothes, rugs, carpets, and more. It’s easy to hold, and the size makes the black light highly portable. The product comes with high-quality batteries lasts for about 5 hours. Aside from the brilliant design, it comes with 12 LED bulbs making it a cut above the rest.

You can use this flashlight for various purposes aside from trying to search for food stains or urine stains made by your pet. This black light can also be very useful when hunting for scorpions or minerals. You can use it for authentication purposes too. It emits a bright light which lasts long because of the top-quality LED bulbs.


  • Clearly shows stains on different surfaces.
  • You can use it for various purposes such as hunting scorpions, authenticating currency, and more.
  • Emits light with a wavelength of 395 nanometers which is much brighter than the competition.
  • Includes high-quality batteries which will last for up to 5 hours.


  • It's not very effective for spotting cat urine stains.

2. Escolite UV Flashlight Black Light

Escolite UV Flashlight Black Light

Why we like it: This black light includes a whopping 51 LED bulbs to illuminate a large area. This makes it ideal for outdoor use like if you want to search for minerals or hunt scorpions. It emits a wavelength of 390-395 nm, and it runs on batteries.

Editor’s Rating:

This is black light comes in the form of a flashlight, and it’s perfect for shining on stains and spots which you cannot see visibly. You can also use it to hunt for scorpions, authenticate currencies and documents, and more. Aside from this, the product also serves as a nail dryer, and it comes with an eliminator of pet odors.

This black light is of aluminum alloy of the highest quality making it long-lasting, tough, and durable. It comes with engineered LED enhanced bulbs which make the flashlight 30% brighter than the competition. With this product, you’ll be able to spot any messes around your home. You can use this black light as one of the tools in your investigative arsenal when you clean the house or go searching outdoors.

With this flashlight, you don’t have to wonder where the smells in your home originate from because you can spot them easily. It’s so efficient that it’s perfect for those who live in scorpion-prone areas. This flashlight can help you spot those dangerous pests in an instant. It has a compact design, and it’s made of high-quality materials. The body of the flashlight is highly durable, and the LED lights provide the illumination you need.


  • It's a versatile backlight which you can use for different purposes.
  • Has 51 LED lights for a larger coverage area.
  • Suitable for outdoor use such as when searching for minerals or scorpions.
  • Emits a wavelength of 390-395 nanometers.


  • It consumes the battery power quickly.

3. Vansky UV Flashlight Black light UV Lights

Vansky UV Flashlight Black light UV Lights

Why we like it: This black light is of high-quality materials making it a durable and long-lasting product. It comes with 51 powerful bulbs for a consistent, strong, and bright beam of light. With this black light, you can easily spot invisible stains even if they're already dry. It works on different types of fabric such as carpets, rugs, curtains, and more.

Editor’s Rating:

Practicality is essential for such products, and this one provides it. It’s ideal for revealing stains made by animals or other spots which you can’t visibly see. This flashlight will also enable you to authenticate documents and spot scorpions in the dark. It also serves as a nail dryer, and it comes with a pet odor eliminator. You can detect in larger areas thanks to the bright light provided by this flashlight. It’s brighter than the competition, and the light doesn’t weaken over time.

This black light emits a wavelength of 395 nm from the 51 high-quality LED bulbs. It’s a top-quality flashlight with the bulbs lasting up to 12 years. It’s made with a heavy-duty aluminum alloy body to ensure durability and longevity. You can save time and money with this flashlight because you can use it to make cleaning and searching tasks simpler.

With this black light, you don’t just have a detector for stains made by your pets and other animals. You can also use it to detect fake currencies, cards, and documents. It’s also very useful for when you’re hunting for minerals or scorpions. You can use the flashlight indoors, outdoors, in daylight or at night. If you’re hosting a party, this flashlight can make some incredible atmospheres for the occasion.


  • Comes with 51 powerful LED bulbs to ensure brightness and consistency.
  • Reveals stains, spots, and more which you can't see with the naked eye.
  • The black light emits high-quality UV light, and the body is of aluminum alloy that's durable.
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee that's good for 45 days.


  • It might now work too well on cat urine stains.

4. Findway 5 UV Ultra Violet Blacklight

Findway 5 UV Ultra Violet Blacklight

Why we like it: This is an affordable black light but still of high-quality which is why it's one of the best black lights on the market. Just like the other flashlights, you can use this to spot urine stains on different surfaces to make clean up an easier task. You can also use it for other purposes such as hunting and authentication.

Editor’s Rating:

With its low price, you’d think this was just a simple product. In fact, it’s very versatile because you can use it for different tasks. Aside from being a detector or pet stains, you can also use this flashlight to reveal hidden ink on currencies, passports, and other types of important documents. With it, you can check if such items are genuine. It’s an excellent item for those in law enforcement, medical forensics, and more because of the multifunctional feature.

Safety always has to come first, and with this flashlight, that’s what you’ll get. It’s powered by batteries and comes with bright, powerful LED bulbs so you can see things clearly. Because of the size, you can bring the flashlight along with you wherever you go, even when you travel from one place to another. The best part is that it comes in a pack of 5 flashlights for your needs.

Finally, this product is really bright. Despite the compact size, you can use it to illuminate various surfaces so you can check for stains, scorpions, and any marks which will indicate that a document or currency is fake. It emits an effective UV beam, and it comes with a body made of durable aluminum alloy construction. Because of this, you can use the flashlight even in harsh weather conditions.


  • A waterproof blacklight that's affordable and made with high-quality construction.
  • Comes with a booster circuitry which means that it uses the battery power efficiently.
  • Includes 9 LED bulbs which will last for about 10,000 hours.
  • Made with an aluminum allow construction that's exquisite.


  • Not all the flashlights work consistently.

5. iLumen8 Extra Bright- UV Black Light

iLumen8 Extra Bright- UV Black Light

Why we like it: This black light is much brighter than the competition. It has LED bulbs with a high-flux density providing more power and intensity. It's a commercial-grade black light that's perfect for homes and for professional use too. The black light has a floodlight style which means that it has a really wide beam.

Editor’s Rating:

This product comes with a distinct high-flux technology to make it easy for you to find stains made by your pets. It’s so powerful that it emits light brighter than others in its class. With this flashlight, you can see more and further. In fact, it has the potential to cover the whole room in a matter of seconds. The power of this product makes it a commercial-grade flashlight that’s suitable for homes, schools, offices, and more.

As aforementioned, this black light provides an extra-bright light. Aside from that, it also provides about 30% more intensity than the competition. The flashlight has a broad range, and you can use it for other things aside from just searching for urine stains. Because of the brightness, you can use it anywhere and in any lighting conditions.

This commercial quality product is of high-quality materials making it durable and dependable. You can use it for pest control, counterfeit detection, mineral hunting, and more. With this black light, you won’t have to worry about the body breaking down or the bulbs dying because of its superior construction. Also, the beam of this black light can reach up to 50 feet away which means you’d have a great view of everything.


  • It's a powerful flashlight which you can use in the daytime.
  • Has a super-wide beam that reaches up to 50 feet ahead.
  • It's a commercial-quality blacklight that's suitable for different applications.
  • Comes with a full, money-back guarantee.


  • It may get dimmer as time goes by.

6. KOBRA UV Black Light Flashlight

KOBRA UV Black Light Flashlight

Why we like it: This professional-grade flashlight provides extreme power and versatility. That makes it perfect for different people and different professions. It's a trusted product which can unveil hidden stains, spots, and more. It's an excellent money and time-saver which serves as an investment for anyone who uses it.

Editor’s Rating:

The flashlight is professional-grade which means that it can be very useful for Medical Forensics Teams, Law Enforcement Agencies, and other professionals. It’s an excellent tool which provides illumination to show things which aren’t visible to the naked eye. The flashlight has a wavelength of 385-392 nm, and it comes with 100 LED bulbs. It’s even great for homes to make cleaning tasks much easier.

The powerful black light provides more than just stain removal. With it, you can pinpoint the source of leaks, smells, and more. Then you can take the necessary steps in cleaning to help prevent them from spreading. With this black light, you can protect yourself from financial losses by checking currencies first. It’s also excellent for scorpion and mineral hunting in the daytime or at night.

The product has long-lasting battery life. Under normal conditions, the battery will keep the flashlight illuminated for up to 20 hours. It has a metal housing that’s made of a sturdy material which won’t break even if you drop it. Also, the 100 LED bulbs emit a light that’s super-bright and which will cover wider areas.


  • A powerful backlight which can reveal stains and spots which you can't spot with the naked eye.
  • Includes 100 LED bulbs for brightness and wide area coverage.
  • Serves as a wise investment since it will save you time and money.
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee good for a whole year.


  • The plastic material that covers the lights isn't very durable.



Why we like it: This black light provides a bright, high-output light making it perfect for theatrical productions, stage performances, special effects, and more. It has a power switch on the rear part, and it comes with a LED strobe effect at a 120-degree beam angle. You can also mount this bar on the ceiling, walls or the floor.

Editor’s Rating:

Because of the black light’s construction and brightness, you can use it for a lot of different purposes. It’s perfect for special effects installations, theatrical performances, stages, and others. It will add excitement to any lighting installation or any kind of light show. It comes in the form of an LED fixture which you can mount on different areas. It provides flexibility and optimum user control making it a joy to work with.

Easy to use
The black light comes with an IR remote control for easier management. It also comes with its own mounting brackets so that you can attach it to the ceiling, wall or floor as your event requires. It’s also easy to attach the black light because it has adjustable brackets. This is a redesigned black light which offers a hassle-free utilization of LED. The great thing is that it requires minimal maintenance because the LEDs are long-lasting.

You can easily take this black light with you everywhere you go because it’s lightweight. It’s a superior choice for making your events unforgettable. You can use it for various occasions and as a decoration for special events. It has a strobe effect, a remote, and a power switch at the rear, so you have total control over the black light.


  • It's a low-maintenance product which will last for a long time.
  • A versatile blacklight which you can use for different occasions.
  • Comes with a remote control so you can control the power and the speed of the light.
  • Includes brackets so that you can mount it to the ceiling, wall or floor.


  • The cord isn't very long.

8. WOWTOU 385nm UV LED Black Light

WOWTOU 385nm UV LED Black Light

Why we like it: This is a premium-quality product with a wavelength of 385-395 nm. It provides a beam angle of 120-degrees, and it produces less purple light that's visible. The light also provides more output of UV giving you a brighter effect. The black light has a metal housing with a powder coat finish for durability and style.

Editor’s Rating:

Easy to use
It’s very easy to use this black light. Simply plug it into a power source then use the rocker switch. The light output will come immediately as soon as you turn the light on. It’s an eco-friendly alternative for the standard fluorescent tubes which provide an ultraviolet wash. It comes with mounting brackets which are fully-adjustable so you can mount it in different locations. It’s perfect for special events and occasions.

This product is a lot brighter compared to the competition. It’s a high-quality black light which provides a bright effect from the high-output of UV. It also has a 120-degree beam angle, and it doesn’t produce as much visible purple light. Also, its efficiency comes from the high-quality materials it’s made with, from the housing to the bulbs.

You can make your events standout by using this high-quality black light. It comes from a trusted brand which produces superior and versatile products. The light works well with other party decorations such as bubbles, balloons, candles, glow sticks, and more. This makes it perfect for dance parties, stage performances, DJ events, and other such occasions.


  • The metal housing has a powder coat finish making it durable and visually appealing.
  • Easy to use and eco-friendly.
  • Has mounting brackets which are fully adjustable for ceiling or wall attachments.
  • Has a voltage power supply that's versatile so you can plug the light anywhere.


  • It tends to come apart when dropped, so you have to be careful with it.

9. DragonX LED UV Blacklight

DragonX LED UV Blacklight

Why we like it: The black light has LED bulbs and 2 channels. It comes in a slim and sleek casing that's both durable and stylish. The product has an innovative LED technology making it a super-bright light that comes in a flood light style. You can use it for parties, filming, stages, and more.

Editor’s Rating:

Wide beam
You can become the envy of your friends and neighbors thanks to this black light. It has a wide beam which will illuminate more than what you expect. It’s superior for decorations, special effects, and various occasions. Although it looks simple, it comes with a lot of features making this a great black light for homes and corporate environments.

This portable light emits a bright light with high-output UV LEDs. You can bring it with you wherever you go and for any type of event. The black light has a slim style which allows for optimum portability and storage. It even comes with a sound activation program that’s already built into the light. The wide beam provides excellent coverage for special effects, parties, and more.

This has unmatched durability because of the slim and sleek casing that’s made of high-quality materials. You can keep on using the light without worrying that it will break down in the middle of the event. The super-bright light has a flash rate that’s adjustable so it can also function as a dimmer, strobe or static light. It also has a beam angle of 30-degrees and built-in programs which are sound-activated.


  • Emits a super-bright light for different events.
  • You can adjust the flash rate for the light to function as static, dimmer, and strobe.
  • Comes with programs which already built-in and sound-activated.
  • Has a beam angle of 30-degrees and a coverage up to 30 feet.


  • It takes time to warm-up for the full effect.

10. DeepDream Black Light

DeepDream Black Light

Why we like it: The high output of this black light and the waterproof feature mean that you can use it to inhibit bacterial growth in an aquarium. You can use it to replace standard fluorescent bulbs and tubes. It comes in string form, and it's bendable making it easy to place on different areas and surfaces. With this black light, you can create a stunning atmosphere for various occasions.

Editor’s Rating:

This black light comes with bright LED bulbs, and you can use it for different purposes. It’s an excellent decoration for gigs, parties, and special events. It’s easy to use too since you can cut the string or connect extensions as needed. You can also use it as a light for night fishing as it attracts the fish, and it lights up the environment. It also serves as a tool for sanitizing aquariums by killing the harmful bacteria.

This is a waterproof black light which sets it apart from the rest. This feature makes it versatile so you can use it for illumination, as a decoration, and more. It comes in the form of a strip making it easy to use and easy to set up. You can use this black light for night fishing, aquariums, indoor breeding, and so much more. It can even kill insects which is a huge bonus for those who live in areas with a lot of pests.

Aside from being waterproof, this black light is lightweight too. You can take it with you wherever you go, and it even comes with back tape so you can attach it easily. This means that you can use the black light to create stunning environments for events and parties. The lights provide a high-output for illumination and for other purposes. It’s a bendable strip of lights which provides a light-emitting angle.


  • A waterproof backlight that's portable too.
  • It can serve as a replacement for standard fluorescent bulbs and tubes.
  • Has a bendable angle making it easy to set up.
  • You can use it to create a stunning atmosphere for various events.


  • It's not as bright as customers want.

Guide to Buying the Best Black Lights

There you have it, the best black lights available on the market now. You can choose any of these products and feel confident that you’ve gone for the best buy. Before you make a choice though, you have to consider a number of factors. Let’s cover the most important ones here:

What important factors should you consider when buying black lights?


There are different types of black lights to choose from. First of all, there are flashlights which you can use to find spots and stains in your home. Professionally, you can use a black light flashlight to authenticate currency, art, and more. Flashlights are portable, and they run on batteries. This is the most popular type for homeowners and collectors.

There are also pocket-sized black lights which are perfect for general inspection, searching for rocks or minerals, scorpion hunting, and more. Such black lights are lightweight and portable making them another convenient option.

Then there are the bigger products which you can use for performances, stages, parties, and more. These come with mountings so you can easily attach them to surfaces. These are the most common types, but there are others available such as strips, bulbs, and others.


When it comes to UV light, the one emitted by black lights is the safest. Despite this, you should still be careful when using such lights. Check if the product has any safety features or if it comes with precautions. When you use such a light, never stare directly at it as this may damage your eyes. Also, don’t overuse the light to avoid the risk of overexposure. Never try to suntan with the black light either. The priority should always be to remain safe in all conditions. Always read the labels carefully before using any product.

Specific features

When searching for the best black light, you also need to look out for some specific features. The composition of the light is important because this would determine how durable the product is. Choose one that’s made of metal rather than plastic especially if you plan to use the light outdoors.

Check the lens type too. There are some products which will permit you to switch between the black light and a white UV light. If you need this feature, make sure the product you choose has it. Finally, consider the size of the black light. Although flashlights are the most convenient, they won’t provide a wide or far-reaching coverage. The bigger products though can provide you with this.

Benefits of using a black light

More and more homeowners are now purchasing black lights and for a good reason. There is a number of advantages to owning a black light from convenience to having fun, and more. A black light can help you maintain your home, and it can also bring life into it. Consider these benefits of owning and using a black light:

Clean up

As aforementioned, one of the main benefits of owning a black light is that it can help you clean the house more efficiently. Black lights can reveal food stains, drink stains, pet stains, or even blood which lingers on the carpets, furniture, curtains, and other parts of your house. Since you can’t see these stains visibly, a black light can help.


Black lights can also be very beneficial for parties. They can provide an element of fun and excitement to special occasions such as Halloween, Christmas, birthdays, and more. With a good black light, you can spice up the fun and make the atmosphere more stunning and magical. You can even plan different parties with the black light in mind. This will make you the most interesting person on the block!


You can also use the black light as a decoration in your home. You can use it as a decorative element indoors and outdoors depending on the theme you desire. Although most people use black lights as a part of their Halloween decorations, you don’t have to limit yourself to this. You can even use the light at Christmas time to add some texture to your already stunning lighting by using the strobe feature of the black light.

Black lights can be an excellent addition to homes and offices in a number of ways. They can serve different purposes depending on the features of the black light you choose. That’s why you need to consider these things first before you make a choice so that you will be able to find the perfect black light to suit your preferences and needs.

The Verdict

Black lights can be very useful in any kind of environment. Whether you want one for your home or office, it’s important to find the best black lights to use. Buy the best back light so that you can keep on using the light whenever you need and it does not fail you at crucial times. If you want to find the best, you should consider a few important factors first.

So, now that you are planning to buy one to make all things glow, consider all the factors as listed above. From the style to the features, there’s a lot to think about when looking at different black lights. Hopefully, this article has helped you out by providing all the relevant information you need to make a wise choice. We’ve also reviewed the best black lights available on the market to make your choice a lot easier.