About Us

No Job Is Too Big With The Right Set Of Tools

Our Mission: To make DIY projects and fixing things around the house as easy as possible by providing you with the information necessary to purchase the right tools for the job.

How Do We Select the Products On Our “Best” Lists?

The product selection process is thorough and comes down to three key elements:

Our Experience

Our team of reviewers identify as “handymen” and “handywomen” with decades of experience fixing things around the house. Some of our reviewers even worked as contractors professionally in the past.Needless to say, they are incredibly qualified to test and analyze products and compare them to the competition.

User Reviews

We aggregate and analyze reviews from all over the Web including Amazon, YouTube, Reddit, etc. to get an idea of what customers think and the pros and cons of a given product.

Brand Quality

We research companies just as thoroughly as we research products. We look at reviews across all of the brand’s products, BBB ratings, return policies and more.

Does Your Product Qualify To Be On One Of Our “Best” Lists? Let’s Find Out!

So you think your product has what it takes to make one of our lists? Send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “Product Review Request” including links to sites (your own and third party retailers) where we can find user reviews about both your product and your brand. If we think your product has potential based on our initial research we will respond with an address for you to ship a sample so we can do a more thorough review. Good luck!