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Best Multi-Tools: All in One

Best Multi-Tools: All in One

Every handyman wants to have a tool which will keep him prepared for different situations. Fortunately, there are multi-tools which serve this exact purpose. With such an item, you don’t have to bring your entire toolbox wherever you go. You would have the convenience of all the tools you need in a handy little item.

When it comes to finding the best multi-tools for different tasks, there are a few things to consider. In this article, we’ll provide you with the information you need to make a wise choice. Also, we’ll review some of the best products available on the market now to help narrow down your choices. Read on!

Features to consider in Good Multi-Tools


Generally, multi-tools have a bunch of moving parts that you can use for different purposes. But if you want the tool to last for a long time, then choose one which is high-quality. All the integrated tools should be nice and tight while still being able to move smoothly without friction.

For safety, the sharp tools included in the product should lock firmly in place. If the multi-tool comes with a pair of pliers, the tips should come together evenly and in unison. A high-quality tool will also reduce the risk of corrosion greatly which is a huge benefit since most metal objects are typically prone to this issue.

Value for money

Of course, since you’ll spend money on the multi-tool, you also have to make sure that you’re getting what you’ve paid for. It’s better to spend a bit more on a product which will last longer and perform well rather than a cheap one which will break after a month or so.

Value for money is a factor that a lot of people look out for. However, you don’t have to break the bank just to find the best multi-tool. There are reasonably priced products which won’t disappoint. The key is to know where to find these items.


When it comes to tools and equipment, you would always hear the words “ergonomically designed.” This is another cool feature to look out for because it means that the manufacturer put a lot of thought into the design and functionality of the product. A multi-tool with a clever design will allow you to maximize all its benefits. Also, it will feel comfortable while you use it which is a huge advantage.

Top 10 Best Multi-Tools 2021

1. Leatherman - Wingman Multitool

Leatherman - Wingman Multitool

Why we like it: This first product on our list is one of the best multi-tools available on the market. Get ready for anything with this multi-tool. It's considered as one of the best since you can use it for jobs and projects on the job, at home and more. It comes with 14 different tools which you can open with just one hand. The tool has a lightweight, compact design without compromising its performance.

Editor’s Rating:

As we’ve mentioned, this is one of the best multi-tools available on the market now, and it comes from one of the leaders in the multi-tool industry. It’s made with excellent construction and high-quality materials to ensure durability. It’s also well-constructed so that you can access the tools easily without having to use both hands.

Without the practicality, a multi-tool won’t be of much use. In fact, it’s one of the most aspects of such devices. Fortunately, you can handle this model with ease by using just one hand. You can open and use the tools without having to rely on both your hands making it highly practical.

Good value for money
Good value for money
With all its great features, this product is a valuable investment. It comes at a reasonable price especially when you consider its design as well as its convenience. With all the integrated tools, you can make different kinds of repairs and perform different kinds of tasks. It’s a high-quality tool which will give you good value for your money.


  • It's a go-to tool for different jobs at home, one a job site, for camping, and more.
  • Includes 14 different tools already integrated and meant for practical purposes.
  • You only need one hand to open the tools and use them.
  • Has a lightweight, compact design and a pocket clip that's removable.


  • A lot of customers have issues with the scissors of the multi-tool.

2. Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier

Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier

Why we like it: This multi-tool is strong, lightweight, and has an innovative design. It's another superior product which you can consider purchasing. The multi-tool is of stainless steel and aluminum materials which make it highly durable. This is a reliable product which allows you to access the tools easily so that you're always prepared no matter what the situation is. It has a safe and user-friendly design you're sure to love.

Editor’s Rating:

Reliability is a huge feature that customers look for in multi-tools. The great thing is that you can rely on this tool for various tasks. Aside from being very reliable, this multi-tool is also tough and easy to handle. It’s engineered to deal with different repairs and different situations. It has a sleek design as well as a durable construction with a unique locking system too.

This tool is both durable and lightweight. If you want a product which will last for a long time, then this would be perfect for you. Just like those iron bridges in Portland, Oregon which have stood the test of time, this tool has the same precision engineering. It’s designed to provide you with the performance you need.

With the knives of this multi-tool, you can choose between a serrated or a straight blade. It also comes with different screwdrivers as well as a dedicated wire stripper/cutter. It also has a needle-nose pliers which you can use even for tight spots. The best part is, they’re spring-loaded which means that when you release the grip, they open automatically. This makes working with the multi-tool intuitive, easy, and pinch-free.


  • Suspension multi-tool which comes with 12 components already integrated.
  • Has a unique locking system which ensures the user's safety.
  • Lightweight and has an open-frame handle of stainless steel.
  • Also, comes with a nylon sheath.


  • It's quite difficult to pull the tools out.

3. Swiss+Tech ST53100 Polished SS 19-in-1 Micro Pocket Multitool

Swiss+Tech ST53100 Polished SS 19-in-1 Micro Pocket Multitool

Why we like it: This is a superb gift that any man will enjoy because you can use it for camping, hunting, auto, and so much more. Of course, women can use it too because it's a highly-versatile product. The multi-tool has an integrated, quick-release locking system which you can attach to any ring of a key ring. This means that you won't need a belt holder or an additional ring to bring it along with you.

Editor’s Rating:

The compact design of this product makes it very popular with those who always want to have something on-hand just in case. It’s a keychain multi-tool is small but highly efficient. It’s a micro pocket tool that comes with a lot of interesting features and abilities. It has a special, innovative design along with a solid build which makes it extremely useful too.

Most multi-tools available on the market are very convenient, and this is no exception. Although this tool doesn’t have a blade, you can still use it for many different things. Also, the absence of the blade makes it a safe tool to bring everywhere you go. It’s an affordable product that’s very convenient and easy to use.

Within the compact design of this multi-tool comes a lot of different features. Whenever there are small problems which need the use of tools, then you can save the day with this versatile item. Since it’s lightweight too, you won’t even notice that it’s there until you need it. You can bring it along with you no matter where you go and just take it out when the situation arises.


  • Has a compact design but comes with a good number of tools.
  • Comes with an integrated, quick-release locking system which you can attach to a key ring.
  • It's pocket-sized which means that you can take it anywhere.
  • It's very durable, and it's versatile too.


  • The pins that hold the tools together tend to loosen after some time.

4. Leatherman - Wave Multitool

Leatherman - Wave Multitool

Why we like it: Here's another tool which will make you ready for anything. Just like the other multi-tools on our list, it's made from high-quality and durable materials. It's a popular multi-tool which comes from a well-known and trusted brand. It's a redesigned tool which comes with bigger knives, lengthy wire cutters, and blades with all-locking features.

Editor’s Rating:

Just one look at this multi-tool and you’ll want to own it right away. It has a sleek design and a classic color. Also, with this tool, you can access the blades from the outside and deploy them using just one of your hands. It comes with upgraded tools making it suitable for any task, adventure, and more. It’s a bestselling item which is fully functional and highly versatile.

Enhanced strength
This multi-tool features upgraded hardware and enhanced geometry. Its handles attach to its jaws so that it can withstand extreme loads. Also, its elliptical pliers has a special hub design which can endure more than double the previous version’s squeezing load. The enhanced strength of the tool makes it very useful for various purposes.

Smooth blade
This is one of the multi-tools which comes with blades. The product has additional locking blades on the inside which rotate individually for access that doesn’t clump. The knife blades, which you can open with one hand, are now bigger, have a wider area, and a larger thumb hole for easy operation. Also, the bronze bushing makes the blade smoother. This feature makes cutting through materials significantly easier.


  • It's a popular multi-tool that's redesigned and enhanced.
  • Contains 17 different tools which make it more functional than other multi-tools.
  • Easy to use and it's suitable for different tasks.
  • Lightweight, compact, and extremely portable.


  • You have to manually open and close the needle nose pliers.

5. SOG PowerAssist Multi-Tool B66N-CP

SOG PowerAssist Multi-Tool B66N-CP

Why we like it: Multi-tools are very useful especially if they come with several tools for different tasks. You can enjoy 16 different tools with this cool product, and it even comes with a nylon sheath for portability. It has a modern design, adequate safety features, and is also very versatile. It has a Compound Leverage that's patented and doubles the force of cutting and gripping. It also has tool locks which protect you from any injuries.

Editor’s Rating:

Easy to use
One of the most important features of multi-tools is the ease of use. After all, you won’t benefit much from tools which are too complicated or difficult to use. This easy to use multi-tool opens up to function just like a normal pair of pliers but with an increased torque because of the special gearing. Also, the Compound Leverage feature doubles the pliers’ gripping power as compared to the traditional tool.

Another standout feature of this multi-tool is its versatility. The tool comes with two blades with an assisted opening which you can use quickly without having to open the whole multi-tool. It even comes with a distinct locking mechanism which keeps the blades closed for safety. It’s a multipurpose device you may use for different projects.

Durable and stylish
Finally, another thing users like about this multi-tool is that it’s stylish. Aside from being highly durable, it also looks sleek and attractive. It’s built to last whether you use it for indoor or outdoor projects. With all the features of this tool, it’s sure to exceed all of your expectations.


  • Includes 16 different tools and a nylon sheath which makes it more portable.
  • Has a compound leverage that's patented and doubles as a cutting and gripping force.
  • It also has a PowerAssist feature which provides rapid, one-hand access to the steel blades.
  • Made of stainless steel that's extremely durable.


  • The knives are quite flimsy.

6. Gerber Center-Drive Multi Tool

Gerber Center-Drive Multi Tool

Why we like it: There are many multi-tools for you to choose from and we bring you all the best ones. This is another cool multi-tool that comes with a full-sized blade with a fine edge. Just one flick of your thumb, and you can access this knife which is significantly longer than other similar products. It also has an axis driver at the center you can use to make adjustments as needed. This is a huge feature since the adjustments make the tool more versatile.

Editor’s Rating:

An upgraded tool like this is all you need to perform different tasks. This has a full-sized driver on its central axis that also comes with a regular bit. Its knife also has a longer blade which you can access easily. It even comes with a pair of spring-loaded pliers you can access with a flick of your thumb or wrist. With all these tools and features, what more can you ask for?

The design of this tool is also something to boast about. One look at the multi-tool and you’ll fall in love with its sleek appearance. It’s a super-rugged multi-tool with a seemingly simple design but is better than the competition. One of its attachments is the full-sized screwdriver which aligns in the tool’s center.

Finally, this multi-tool is also highly-versatile. Aside from the tools we’ve already mentioned, this multi-tool also has wire cutters, needle-nose pliers, a bottle opener, a file, and more. It’s made in the USA and you can use it for various tasks and projects. Talk about a versatile tool to have on-hand!


  • It has a reverse-thumb support which will make you perform tasks easily and with more confidence.
  • Includes a knife that's significantly longer than other multi-tools.
  • Has a spring-loaded feature making it easy to open and control.
  • The center axis has a full-sized driver and a standard bit.


  • Some customers claim that the blade of the tool snapped off.

7. Gelindo Premium Pocket Multitool With Sheath

Gelindo Premium Pocket Multitool With Sheath

Why we like it: This is a versatile multi-tool which comes with 15 tools already integrated into it. The tool even comes with a high-quality sheath that adds to its convenience. It's perfect for making quick fixes no matter where you go. It's made of heavy-duty construction and superb engineering which ensures reliable performance. Also, it's made of stainless steel which resists corrosion.

Editor’s Rating:

One of the best features of this tool is its versatility. It’s a definite space saver which means that you can conveniently carry it no matter where you go. Also, the multi-tool is practical since you can use it for different tasks and projects. It comes with a number of useful tools which are very handy in various types of situations. You can bring this portable, compact tool while camping, fishing, hunting, and more.

If you’re looking for an affordable, functional tool, then look no further than this one. Despite all its features, the tool still comes at a reasonable price. It includes a good selection of integrated tools which are both handy and satisfying. It’s a basic multi-tool made of high-quality materials. You’ll get great value for your money when you choose this product.

When it comes to convenience and portability, this is a definite winner. It has a sleek design, and it’s efficient too. You can use this multi-tool comfortably and with ease. The product even comes with a pouch holster which provides protection when you bring it on your outdoor excursions. All you have to do is store it in the case and whip it out whenever the situation calls for it.


  • Includes 15 different tools already integrated into the device.
  • Constructed with high-quality and heavy-duty materials making it tough and reliable.
  • Corrosion-resistant tool that's easy to use.
  • Comes with a sheath that's both durable and convenient.


  • Some customers aren't too happy with the design of some of the tools.

8. Hoffman Richter HR-100 13-in-1 Multitool

Hoffman Richter HR-100 13-in-1 Multitool

Why we like it: Silver-colored multi-tools are all the rage these days because they pair well with everything. This multi-tool comes in that popular color, and it has 13 different features. It even comes with a belt case as a bonus so that you can keep the tool with you whenever you need it. It's made with a rugged construction with stainless steel material which ensures its durability. With this product, you'll have a whole toolkit right in your pocket.

Editor’s Rating:

Convenience is one of the best features of this product. This multi-tool contains the different tools you need for various projects. It’s a lifesaving tool which is durable enough to handle practically anything you throw at it. Despite this, it still comes with a compact design so you can tuck it away easily and bring it with you wherever you go.

The product has a tool lock that makes it ultra-safe. This is another handy feature which keeps the user secure while the tools aren’t in use. With it, you won’t have to worry about damages or injuries when you place it in your pocket or bag. Having this multi-tool is a smart way to stay prepared no matter where you go and what you do.

Finally, the material of this multi-tool will ensure long-term durability. This means that you can keep on using it for years to come. It also comes with a superb safety feature along with 13 durable tools which have been meticulously engineered. When you tuck all the tools away, you can easily slip this cool item in the pocket of your jeans.


  • Features 13 different tools in a single utensil.
  • Made with ultra-tough, rugged construction for a lifetime of abuse and use.
  • Use it for repairs, camping, survival, household tasks, and more.
  • Comes with a durable nylon case as a bonus.


  • The screws may start to loosen after some time.

9. Victorinox Swiss Army SwissTool Spirit X Multi-tool

Victorinox Swiss Army SwissTool Spirit X Multi-tool

Why we like it: Finally, this incredible multi-tool comes with a whopping 27 features. It's an entire toolbox in a single tool. Still, with all its features, it remains to be a lightweight and durable product made with stainless steel construction. This means that you can keep on using it even for a long time. It also has a unique design which makes it easy to access.

Editor’s Rating:

This tool is user-friendly without compromising its functionality or durability. It has individual springs which hold each of the tools in place making them easily accessible. The tool also has a distinct lock and release system which locks the tools you use in place when you open them. With all these features, you can use it for various purposes.

The tool has a stylish yet functional design that a lot of customers appreciate. Also, another great feature of this multi-tool is that its compact and lightweight. This means that you can bring the tool around no matter where you go. It even has an ergonomic handle that’s beautifully designed to make it secure, comfortable, and stylish.

Good value for money
When you’re choosing a multi-tool, you don’t have to spend too much on a single product. There are plenty of options which won’t make you break the bank. With this multi-tool, you’ll get good value for your money. Despite its reasonable price, it’s still one of the best because of all its great features. It comes with several handy tools which you can access and use without much effort. It’s a definite must-have for handymen, campers, soldiers, and more.


  • Includes 22 high-functioning tools making it suitable for job site and home use.
  • Completely made of stainless steel making it decay and rust-proof.
  • Has a unique design which makes it easy to use.
  • Comes with a nylon case for convenient storage.


  • The handles aren't evenly aligned.

10. Magnelex Ultimate 22-in-1 Stainless Steel Multitool

Magnelex Ultimate 22-in-1 Stainless Steel Multitool

Why we like it: With all the different products there on the market, choosing just one can be quite overwhelming. That's why most people look for distinct, standout features which set the products apart from the competition. What makes this multi-tool unique is that you can attach bits to it. It comes with 11 integrated tools and 11 bits for you to attach. It's made with super-steel that's rock hard and highly durable. It's also convenient because you can use it for different purposes.

Editor’s Rating:

You can’t go wrong with the design of this multi-tool. It looks great no matter who uses it. This multi-tool is unique because it accepts those attachable bits. Not a lot of products has this particular feature. The multi-tool also has an ergonomic design which makes it light, elegant, and practical. But it doesn’t just end with the design, it also performs well.

Aside from having a superb design, the tool is also quite durable. It’s made with stainless steel that’s tough and resistant to deforming. Even if you subject the tool to applied forces or stress, that won’t compromise its construction or quality. This is very beneficial because durable tools tend to last longer than those made with cheaper materials.

This multi-tool is also a high-quality item that’s ideal for DIYers and professionals alike. Because of its ability to accommodate the attachable bits, it makes the tool highly versatile too. So, no matter what job you need this for, you’ll benefit a lot from this product.


  • Includes 11 tools already integrated into the device along with 11 bits for you to attach.
  • Suitable for emergency purposes, camping, survival, hunting, and more.
  • It's a durable multi-tool which provides optimum performance.
  • It even comes with a case of high-quality for convenience and portability.


  • It's quite difficult to pull the tools out.

Guide to Buying the Best Multi-Tools

If you want to find the best multi-tools, you need to learn more about them. Sure, these seem like simple items, but there are certain factors which will help you determine which ones are superior compared to the others.

Let’s take a look at the factors you should consider when choosing a multi-tool to make the process easier for you.

What important factors should you consider when buying multi-tools?


First of all, it’s important to consider the product’s design. There are a lot of products now which are ergonomically designed, and you may benefit a lot from choosing these. The design is an important part so it won’t have to include any unnecessary tools or features which will make it feel awkward and clunky while you use it.

Don’t fret though, because there are a lot of models which have clever designs and are very comfortable to handle. Look for a product which is easy to use so you won’t have to struggle when performing different tasks.


This is another feature to look out for. In fact, it’s one of the most important features of multi-tools. You may have found a product which has a bunch of cool tools you can use. But it won’t be of much use if you can’t bring the tool around with you wherever you go.

There are some products which are small enough that they fit into your pocket while others are as small as keychains. Think about the size you need, and you can use that as one of the determining factors when making a choice. Remember, the multi-tool you need must suit your own needs and preferences.


Most multi-tools come with a blade because this is one of the handiest tools available. If you need the blade, then choose a product which has a high-quality. Usually, such tools come from well-known and trusted brands. These typically have reliable blades that don’t break easily.

Aside from this, also check the accessibility and safety of the blade. Knives and blades are quite sharp, so you want them to be safely tucked away in your tool. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting injured while bringing the multi-tool with you wherever you go.

What are the different types of multi-tools?

If you hear the word “multi-tool,” what image comes to your mind? For most people, it’s a silver tool which has handles and different tools attached to it. This is the image of a multi-tool with a classic design. Of course, just like any other products, manufacturers have now come up with innovative products with different features.

In terms of practicality, any kind of tool which has various functions is a multi-tool. But when you talk about the actual “multi-tools,” they generally come in three major types according to their size.


First of all, there are full-sized multi-tools. Such tools have full features, and they’re designed for different projects, applications, and tasks. There are multi-tools which are toolbox-worthy, and they usually come with a holster. That way, you can attach the tool to your belt when you need to work.


Portable multi-tools are mini versions of the full-sized ones. These are handier because you can bring them anywhere while still being able to use all the integrated tools included in them. Portable multi-tools are so small that you won’t even notice that they’re there until you need them.


Finally, there are the keychain multi-tools. These are the smallest, handiest versions. These are generally minimal and aren’t designed for heavy-duty tasks. Still, they’re convenient especially if they come with a lot of basic functions.


Multi-tools are truly convenient. With one such item, you don’t have to panic when different situations arise where you need specific tools. The best multi-tools have specific features which will provide you with what you need for different tasks. By now you know much more about these amazing products.

Now all you have to do is find the best product to suit your needs. Once you have your own multi-tool, you’ll discover how convenient they are and how beneficial it is to own one. Gone are the days when you have to run to your garage to find your toolkit whenever you need to repair something.