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The 10 Best Wood Jointers for Precision Jointing

The 10 Best Wood Jointers for Precision Jointing

Any serious woodworker would benefit a lot from purchasing a high-quality wood jointer. This is a must-have machine in any workshop whether it’s for home use or commercial use. If you want to perform wood jointing functions and other applications, you should consider getting yourself one of the best Wood Jointers available on the market.

Such a machine would definitely prove to be a worthwhile investment. You may have to spend for such a machine, but in the long run, the benefits will outweigh the costs. When it comes to woodworking, a wood jointer is indispensable. In this article, we’ll review some of the best products available now. We’ll also go through a buying guide to help you determine which wood jointer would be the best one for you.

Features to consider in Good Wood Jointers for Woodworking

Table length

The table’s length will determine how well the wood jointer will perform. When you work with a piece of lumber or wood that’s too long for the table, it will decrease your productivity and accuracy. Therefore, you should think about what length you need especially if you’re planning to work with longer pieces of wood.

It’s also important to consider the spatial restrictions of your own workstation. This will help you determine the table length you need as well as the length which will fit into your space.

Table width

Of course, the table’s width is also very important. This feature will restrict the width of the lumber or wood that you can joint with your machine. If you’re planning to joint wide pieces of wood, then you will need a wood jointer with a wide table.

Cutting depth

Changing or adjusting the distance between the height of the outfeed and infeed tables will determine the depth of the machine’s cutterhead. If the difference is significant, then the machine will have a deeper cutting depth. On the other hand, if the difference is small, then the machine will have a shallow cutting depth.


The number and the arrangement of the knives in the cutterhead will determine the machine’s cuts per head as well as the speed at which the knives spin. If you want a smooth finish every time, then choose a wood jointer with more cuts per minute. Performance is key when it comes to wood jointers so choose one carefully.

Top 10 Best Wood Jointers 2023

1. JET 708457DXK

JET 708457DXK

Why we like it: We've gathered the best wood jointers available on the market, and this is the first one on our list because of all its outstanding features. It has an extra-long table that's made of cast iron for improved accuracy and control. The jointer comes with a powerful motor and industrial controls. It also comes with 3 steel knives with high speeds in the cutterhead. Also, the Quick Set feature of the knives allows for easier changing. Aside from this, the jointer also comes with a dust port for more efficient chip and dust disposal.

Editor’s Rating:

This wood jointer comes with one of the longest surfaces for working in its class. It comes with high-speed knives with a quick-change feature which will provide you with rapid cutting as well as a superb finish every time. You won’t even need to use a gauge when you’re setting the knives. The jointer also comes with a powerful motor which can handle even the toughest tasks easily.

Another great feature of this machine is that it comes with a base cabinet that’s enclosed and made of durable steel. It has an integral tab located on each end of the bottom of the cabinet so you can secure the jointer to make it more stable.

As a matter of fact, the cabinet itself serves as a stable platform placing the table’s surface at a comfortable distance above your floor. It even has a big door in the back part of the base cabinet so you can access the motor easily.

Finally, this wood jointer will also provide you with the accuracy you need for various tasks. Because of the long table with the precision-machined finish, it will prevent the wood from sliding around to ensure precision. With this reliable machine, you can also work with larger pieces without having to sacrifice the accuracy.


  • The table is extra long and made of cast iron for superior accuracy and control.
  • Has a powerful motor and industrial controls in the form of push buttons.
  • Comes with high-speed knives made of steel and are easy to change.
  • Also, comes with a dust port to allow for easy chip and dust disposal.


  • Some claim that the fence doesn't stay set.

2. Cutech 40160H-CT

Cutech 40160H-CT

Why we like it: This is another corded wood jointer which you will enjoy using because of all its excellent features. It has a powerful motor along with a spiral cutterhead and twelve HSS inserts. With it, you can adjust the level beds easily as your tasks require. Also, the fence allows tilting at 90-135-degrees.

Editor’s Rating:

You might get surprised at the affordable price of this machine. But don’t let that fool you as it’s still one of the best on the market today. It’s a superior machine that’s geared for professionals with narrow workspaces as well as for budget-minded beginners and novices.

The wood jointer comes with a spiral cutterhead that’s been newly redesigned along with 12 inserts which are two-sided. All these features will provide you with a superior finish each time you work.

The fence of this machine is of cast aluminum while its table is of steel making it one high-quality, durable product. These materials also give the wood joiner a lightweight feel without compromising its quality. As a matter of fact, the fence will be able to hold up well even when used with hardwood boards. It’s easily adjustable, and you’ll be able to use it for a long time.

Easy to use
You can easily level the cast outfeed and infeed tables of this machine whenever you need to. The same thing goes for the cutterhead with a guard-spring tension feature. It’s a fairly lightweight machine that comes with a powerful motor and a tough construction. Because of its weight, you can transport this machine easily no matter where you need to use it.


  • Has a powerful motor of 120V and 10-Amps.
  • The spiral cutterhead comes with 12 inserts that are HSS.
  • You can tilt the fence from 90-135-degrees.
  • Has level beds which you can adjust easily.


  • Making adjustments takes some time.



Why we like it: This wood jointer comes with a helical cutterhead and staggered inserts made of carbide. This will allow you to make quieter cuts while providing you with a superior finish. On the other hand, the carbide inserts allow for easy replacement and indexing. It has heavy-duty outfeed and infeed tables which are extra-long and made of durable cast iron. The machine also has a mountable on/off switch with dual-positioning so that you can perform under and over table mounting.

Editor’s Rating:

Anyone who’s serious about woodworking should know that flat and square stock is very important if you want to product fine, high-quality work. You can achieve this with this particular wood jointer. One of the best features of this wood jointer is the quiet operation. Although extremely powerful, it still runs smoothly and without much noise. Also, the machine comes with exclusive handwheels to make table adjustments easy, quick, and accurate.

The outfeed and infeed tables have a precision-machined finish and are of cast iron. Aside from being extra-long, the tables are also durable which means that you can use the wood jointer even for tough applications. With this machine, you’re ensured precise cuts because of all its parts and features. You can even cut longer pieces of wood without worrying about them tipping over.

Convenience is another excellent factor of this machine. It comes with push-button controls which are conveniently located on the machine to permit easy access. Another handy feature of this product is the dust chute that’s already built-in which collects the chips, dust, and debris to keep your workspace clear.


  • Comes with staggered inserts made of carbide as well as a cutterhead insert that's helical.
  • Has heavy-duty outfeed and infeed tables made of cast iron.
  • Also, comes with carbide inserts that are 4-sided to allow for easy replacement and indexing.
  • The dual-position on/off switch will allow you to perform under or over table mounting.


  • Bringing the depth back up is quite a challenge.

4. Powermatic 1791317K

Powermatic 1791317K

Why we like it: This wood jointer has a helical cutterhead, and it comes with knife inserts which are four-sided. This will provide you with quieter and smoother cutting as well as a finer finish than the competition. It has long and adjustable outfeed and infeed tables for an extended working surface. The fence system of this product is completely made of cast iron and it's precisely-ground to guarantee straightness. You'll love this wood jointer because of its durability, efficiency, and more.

Editor’s Rating:

One of the best features of this products is its stability. This is important for optimum accuracy. The wood joiner has a base cabinet made of steel which places the surface of the table at a comfortable distance above your floor. The motor, on the other hand, is already mounted within the cabinet’s vase and you can convert it if you want to use 230V power. The special mounting of the motor allows for easy adjustments of the belt tension. Also, you can make quick and fine adjustments using the lever to ensure precision while cutting.

There are several cutterhead designs which have the helical moniker such as the simple and straight blades broken into parts and distributed around the cylinder of the cutterhead. Even though this wood jointer has a helical cutterhead, it also comes with the inserts which are of machined-carbide and arranged in rows to provide you with quiet and effective performance.

With the length of the tables and the material they’re made of, this wood jointer will provide you with ample support even for larger workpieces. It’s mounted in a convenient way to maintain the alignment even if you make any height changes. With this machine, adjustments are a lot easier and more precise.


  • The helical cutterhead has knife inserts which are four-sided to provide a finer finish.
  • The long and adjustable outfeed and infeed tables provide extra surface for working.
  • The fence system is of cast iron and is precisely ground to guarantee straightness.
  • Comes with stops that are fully adjustable making it easy to operate.


  • The paint on the housing tends to come off.

5. Powermatic 1610086K

Powermatic 1610086K

Why we like it: This is another wood jointer which comes with a helical cutterhead and inserts which are four-sided. All these will allow you to make smoother cuts with a superior finish without all the noise that usually comes with such machines. The extra-long tables are distinctly-mounted for extended support even on bigger or linger workpieces. It also comes with an adjustment lever which provides quick positioning of the infeed table as well as fine-tuning of the cutting depth.

Editor’s Rating:

This is a durable machine that’s full-sized and built to handle even huge amounts of work. Although you may have to pay a bit more for this machine, you’re getting a high-quality product which will last for a long time. The wood jointer has a robust motor which effectively powers the cutterhead. In fact, this feature makes it one of the best wood jointers available now. Aside from the durability, this also comes with a special mechanism for dust collection which doesn’t leave any debris.

High capacity
This is a high-capacity machine that provides accurate and easy adjustment. The infeed table comes with a lever for coarse and fine adjustment so that you can set the cutting depth with superior convenience and precision. Also, the gear system of the wood joiner permits you to set the fence’s angle by using the handwheel. Although it may take time to set up the machine initially, all the parts will stay in alignment while you work.

Finally, you’re ensured of accuracy with this machine along with the special, user-friendly functionalities. You can easily adjust the height of the infeed table using the convenient handle. Fence tilting is quite easy as well with the use of the worm gear system. The fence also comes with a non-mar insert to keep the table protected from scratching while you make adjustments.


  • The helical cutterhead has inserts which are four-sided.
  • Has tables which are extra long for extended support.
  • The adjustment lever allows for quick positioning of the infeed table.
  • Allows for smooth tilting of the fence because of the worm gear system.


  • Calibrating the tables can be quite difficult.

6. POWERTEC BJ600 Bench Jointer

POWERTEC BJ600 Bench Jointer

Why we like it: One of the most convenient features of this wood jointer is the dust collection system that's already built into the machine. This allows for the quick removal of debris and wood chips into the full-sized dust bag. The durable outfeed and infeed tables are of cast iron as well as the fence. You can even perform bevel and chamfer cuts by tilting the fence. Finally, the machine also comes with a lock for the power switch for enhanced safety.

Editor’s Rating:

You’re ensured of a clean workspace with this wood jointer. This is because of the full-sized dust bag which collects the debris, wood chips, and all the mess conveniently. The outfeed and infeed tables have a great design as well, and they’re made of sturdy cast iron. You can adjust the cast iron fence outwards and inwards for different types of cuts. The machine has a powerful motor with a speed of 10,000 rpm.

This benchtop machine comes from a well-trusted brand, and it completely made with a cast-iron construction. This sturdy and robust construction lessens the vibrations, but the additional weight doesn’t make it very mobile. This makes it perfect for those who have permanent workspaces. The fence which is also made of cast iron is durable and easy to adjust. The construction of this wood jointer makes it very popular among DIYers and professionals alike.

This convenient machine comes with a cutting head with a good cutting depth. With it, you can cut boards which are over 6-inches in size. One of the standout features of this wood jointer is its dust port. Most customers discovered that this feature captured the dust more effectively so that your workspace doesn’t fill up with debris, sawdust, and more.


  • Has a built-in system for collecting dust which goes into the dust bag.
  • The outfeed and infeed tables are of cast iron.
  • You can make bevel cuts with this jointer because of how the fence tilts.
  • It also comes with a power switch lock for additional safety.


  • Some customers complain about the alignment of the jointer.

7. Cutech 40180HC-CT

Cutech 40180HC-CT

Why we like it: This is a powerful machine that comes with a 120V, 10-Amp motor. It's another superior wood jointer which you'll want to have in your workshop. The cutterhead has a spiral style, and it comes with 16 inserts made of carbide. With this machine, you can tilt the fence with 90-135-degrees. Finally, it comes with level beds which you can easily adjust as well.

Editor’s Rating:

The manufacturers of this product listened to the requests of their customers and came up with this beauty. It’s an innovative benchtop machine that has a cutterhead with a spiral style. You can extend the overall length of the table to allow you to work with bigger workpieces even though it’s a benchtop and portable wood jointer. It also comes with 2-sided inserts to provide you with a superior finish. You’re also guaranteed of reduced tear out because of the chip evacuation through the built-in dust port adapter.

When you’re looking for the best wood jointers, you have to consider its design. It has a powerful motor, 16 inserts made of carbide, and a cutterhead with a spiral style. The fence allows for 90-135-degree tilt, and it also comes with level beds which you can adjust.

Easy to use
This wood jointer has a long and adjustable fence which you can easily tilt. It comes with outfeed and infeed tables made of cast aluminum which you can level easily when the need arises. You can do the same with the machine’s extensions. With its weight, and its powerful motor, this is a tough wood jointer. Still, it’s lightweight enough so that you can transport it easily from one location to another. The product even comes with the tools you would need to replace or rotate the cutter tips.


  • Comes with a powerful 120 volt, 10-Amp motor.
  • The cutterhead has a spiral style and comes with 16 inserts from carbide.
  • The fence can tilt from 90-135-degrees.
  • You can easily adjust the level of beds.


  • Some customers claim that the blade isn't very sturdy.

8. Jet 718250K JJ-8HH

Jet 718250K JJ-8HH

Why we like it: This is another excellent wood jointer with a helical cutterhead. It comes with indexable inserts made of carbide so you can make quite cuts and give your work a superior finish. The extra-long outfeed and infeed tables come with a precision-machined finish and are of cast iron making them suitable even for heavy-duty applications. The base of the machine is strong, sturdy, and mobile making it ideal for industrial-grade use as well.

Editor’s Rating:

This is another wood jointer which runs quietly despite its power. It provides a superior finish every time because of the design of the helical cutterhead and the carbide inserts. If you work with especially heavy or dense lumber, you won’t get disappointed with this machine because it has a powerful motor. This means that the wood jointer can handle even the toughest jointing applications.

Superior mounting
With the machine’s superior mounting, you’ll be able to perform different tasks with ease. The machine comes with 2 positive stops to allow bevel applications to go smoothly and easily. The control box features two different mounting options. This means that you can bolt the jointer near its base’s top so that it will be right above the infeed table making it easy to reach. Either that or you can “knee” the paddle switch of the jointer so that you can turn it off.

We’ve already talked about the cutterhead, the inserts, and the tables of the machine. But these aren’t the only features of the machine which are well-designed. The wood jointer also comes with large handwheels made of chrome and locks which are easy to reach. This makes adjusting the table easier. Also, the tall and rigid fence provide extra support while the two-way tilting can handle bevel applications. Finally, the dust chute that’s already built-in collects dust and wood chips to prevent a mess.


  • Comes with carbide inserts which you can index and a cutterhead that's helical.
  • The outfeed and infeed tables are of heavy-duty cast iron.
  • It's easy to adjust because of the easy-to-reach locks and the large handwheels.
  • Also, comes with additional support because of the tall and rigid fence.


  • The wheel mechanism for making adjustments is quite crude.



Why we like it: This is a superb wood jointer which has a variable speed range. This allows you to choose the appropriate speed for the hardness and the size of the material you're planning to cut. The cutterhead has two knives with a jackscrew knife leveling arrangement for easier adjustment and replacement of the knives. The built-in lock of the cutterhead also facilitates the adjustment and replacement. It also comes with a fence mounted on the center to provide extra support for precise edge jointing.

Editor’s Rating:

The two-knife cutterhead has a jackscrew knife with a special arrangement to allow for easier adjustment and replacement. It also have extra-long tables so you can enjoy the extra space and enough work support. The fence is center-mounted and will provide you with the support you need while you’re cutting. With this wood jointer, you’re ensured of accurate edges when you perform jointing tasks.

Easy to use
This is a huge benefit that a lot of customers appreciate in wood jointers. It has variable speeds so that you can choose the speed you need for the hardness and the size of the material you cut. The machine also has some convenient features which make replacing and adjusting a lot easier. It’s suitable for different applications such as face jointing, edging, and flattening too.

With all the features of this machine, it still comes at a reasonable price. With the variable speeds, you can use the wood jointer even on tougher wood materials. The machine even comes with a two-knife cutterhead, a jackscrew knife, and a headlock. Despite the affordable price, the machine also comes with steel tables, a fence for precise jointing, and a dust collector.


  • Has a variable speed range which allows you to choose the speed you need.
  • The cutterhead has two knives for easy adjustment and replacement.
  • Also, comes with a cutterhead lock which is already built-in.
  • The fence is center-mounted to provide support and improve accuracy.


  • You need to re-square the fence each time you adjust.

10. Delta Power Tools 37-071

Delta Power Tools 37-071

Why we like it: Finally, this wood jointer is also one of the best available. It's made of durable cast iron construction which reduces the vibration and provides stability. The precision machining of the fence and the table ensures the machine's accuracy in the long run. It also comes with a cast iron, heavy-duty fence support system which allows for precise jointing applications. Aside from being very durable, the fence system is also easy to use and adjust with its positive stops.

Editor’s Rating:

This is the “middle ground” of wood jointers in terms of price. It’s an affordable model that’s perfect for those who don’t have a commercial workshop or those who don’t need a full-sized jointer for all types of jointing applications. It’s a superb product that’s able to perform all applications that other benchtop jointers can do as well.

One of the standout features of this wood jointer is its construction. The machine is of cast iron unlike most benchtop machines which are of aluminum. It’s built to last, and it comes with a molded body that will reduce the vibration while you work. Assembling the machine is pretty straightforward, so you will be able to have it up and running right away.

Finally, this wood jointer is highly convenient too. It comes with a precision machined fence and table to allow for accurate performance every time. It even comes with a dust blower already built into it to prevent any mess. The wood jointer also comes with a pair of push blocks as a cool bonus.


  • Made of cast iron which is very durable and which increases the weight to provide stability.
  • The precision machining of the fence and table ensure accuracy.
  • Has a fence support system made of cast iron and is heavy-duty.
  • Also, it's easy to adjust the fence system whether in or out.


  • It tends to come apart when dropped, so you have to be careful with it.

Guide to Buying the Best Wood Jointers

The products on our list are the best wood jointers available on the market now. No matter which one you choose, you’re guaranteed a superior product which will last for a long time. As you look through the different products, you should keep these important factors in mind.

What important factors should you consider when buying wood jointers?

Cutter head

There are two main types of cutterheads, straight and helical. Those with straight knives will provide better performance, but they are generally more expensive. On the other hand, wood jointers with helical cutterheads are more budget-friendly, and they’re a lot quieter. When it comes to the cutterhead, think about what you need and what you’re willing to spend on the machine.


Next up, think about the size of the wood jointer, and you have three choices namely long bed, bench top, and the closed-stand jointers. The bench top wood jointers are small, portable, and convenient. Long bed ones are a bit bigger, and you can use them for the same tasks as the bench top jointer. Finally, the closed-stand ones are the biggest and will provide you with more stability.

Adjustment system

This is a very important factor to think about since it will determine how easy the wood jointer will be to use. Of course, you’d want one which has easy adjustments to improve your accuracy and your productivity as well. Choose a machine that’s easy to calibrate, and which would keep its settings as you work with it.

Practical features to look out fo

You should also look out for some practical features of the wood jointers. These will guarantee that you’re getting good value for the money you spend.

Build quality and warranty

First of all, the build quality would depend on the material used to construct the machine. The best wood jointers would have the tables, fence, housing, and adjustment system made from some type of metal.

Wood jointers are high-precision machines so if there is any problem, the product should also come with a warranty. This is important so that you can have the jointer replaced if needed.


Finally, check the motor of the jointer. If you want to be able to cut different types of wood with different thicknesses, then choose a machine with a powerful motor. The good news is that most manufacturers will include information about the product’s motor in the description. Read this information so you know exactly what you’re getting.


Wood jointers are highly efficient machines. You can use them for various applications while woodworking. You can think of a wood jointer as an investment whether you want to purchase one for home or commercial use. Either way, you need to find the best wood jointer available on the market so that you’re sure that you’ll get your money’s worth.

In this article, we’ve provided you with a lot of information about wood jointers. As we’ve said, these are superb machines which are a must-have for any serious woodworker. When it comes to such products, there is a number of great options. Just keep the important factors in mind, and you’re sure to get a superb product to suit your needs.