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Cut Flooring to Fit With the Best Laminate Cutters

Cut Flooring to Fit With the Best Laminate Cutters

Some of the best laminate cutters offer immediate results. Mainly suitable for laminate floors, these cutters may also work on vinyl and solid wood. Laying flooring is easier as a result. There often is a misconception about regular and professional level laminate cutters. But in reality, some of the most affordable laminate cutters are the best even for large jobs such as those in commercial spaces.

Since there are not many parts which can break in a laminate cutter, its durability is beyond the average durability of other tools used for laying floors. It is why it’s actually worth investing in the most capable design from the start, as there are few reasons to upgrade even after years of use.

The best laminate cutters and clean cuts

Clean cuts are sought after result of all laminate cutters. But this depends on the design of the cutter, the quality, and sharpness of the blade as well as on how the user is actually basing cuts on the right technique.

Some of the best cuts are made with high-quality blades. While the first job is a guaranteed success with a new blade, it is only with concomitant cuts that users start to see chips at the ends of the laminate planks. For most of them, there are replacement blades to consider. A top tip here is to actually stick to original blades and laminate cutters. Many cheap knock-offs brands actually make poor blades. The following laminate cutters are known for their clean cuts.

Top 10 Best Laminate Cutters 2023

1. EAB Tool Exchange-a-Blade 2100005 9-Inch Laminate Flooring Cutter

EAB Tool Exchange-a-Blade 2100005 9-Inch Laminate Flooring Cutter

Why we like it: This manual laminate cutter cuts through various materials. It can be used for precision cuts on wood, laminate, vinyl, and even hardier planks.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Made with durable materials, the laminate floor cutter is very easy to use. It is mainly appreciated for its sharp results and it can help users lay thousands of square feet of a laminate floor in a matter of days. Of course, it handles straight cuts well but even angled cuts have been shown to come with great results.

The manual design of the laminate cutter means there is no dust to worry about in any floor installation location. While this is the standard for most modern homes, it can be very useful in historic or older homes. It is here where they can be protected from dust even more.

One of the first questions users ask about a laminate cutter refers to its blade system, sharpness, and durability. Luckily, the blade can be removed, replaced or sharpened. EAV Tool offers a small grinding stone in the pack. Of course, users can even consider their very own grinding stones for the sharpest blade. However, the blade is already very sharp out of the pack. There is also minimum assembly needed so the laminate cutter can be put together in the day of its first job.

Convenient features

Cutting flooring up to 15mm or 5/8”, the laminate cutter has a familiar design. It actually holds the part of the laminate which is where the cut is made and it is quite compact as a result. Cutting up to 9” wide, it can be used for the standard laminate which can be found in most construction stores today.

With a designed angle gauge, the laminate cutter will also work with angled cuts. Up to 45 degrees, it is one of the simplest designs for any types of cuts which will allow users to tackle tight corners and their specifics.

With a replaceable blade, the laminate cutter is as precise as users need it to be for years. Blades are made available by EAB Tool. They are inexpensive, efficient and they can be recycled. A 9” replacing blade is actually only a fraction of the laminate cutter’s price and can ensure continuity with the same toll for a long period of time.


Cutting through all types of materials, the laminate cutter is one of the few which can even handle solid wood.


  • Made with a sharp 9” tool
  • It features adjustable straps that allow for easy access to contents
  • Allows angled cuts up to 45 degrees
  • Made for a dust free operation
  • Multiple accessories available from EAB Tools


  • Needs proper lubrication

2. Bullet Tools 9 inch EZ Shear Sharpshooter Siding and Laminate Flooring Cutter

Bullet Tools 9 inch EZ Shear Sharpshooter Siding and Laminate Flooring Cutter

Why we like it: With a 2-position aluminum fence, the laminate cutter is available as a stand-alone tool or in packs of up to 5 for commercial use.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

It’s often believed that saws are superior for laminate flooring from the perspective of durability. But Bullet Tools’ design is here to prove this is not actually the case. In many situations, it outlasts many blades. In facts, the durability of its blade has outlasts over 20 saw blades. In itself, this can be the sole reason to consider it over all other options of cutting laminate floors. Especially for commercial use, keeping costs down as much as possible can be a big step towards a contractor’s success. But it is not all about showing its superiority over saw blades as there are many other unique advantages to the laminate cutter.

Unlike many similar designs, the laminate cutter is not a knock-off design. It doesn’t use cheap materials and it is the result of the company’s own research. This has led to a dust-free design which can work effortlessly on laminate floor cuts. There’s a high-quality HDO phenolic marine board in place as well. The board’s design is mainly known for its anti-slip characteristic. If most sustaining boards actually need a lot of effort to hold the laminate floor on, this is not the case with the phenolic board’s anti-slip design.

Convenient features

Dealing with thick materials of up to 9/16 inches, the laminate cutter is one of the representative designs for all types of uses. From the occasional home use with remodeling to commercial use where contractors have to deal with different wood thickness, it will do its job well.

Unlike many other designs in its class, it requires no assembly. Straight out of the box, it can handle immediate laminate cuts. When it comes to laminate floors, it makes cuts up to 12mm. But it also handles different type of vinyl. From the hardwood in the living room to the bathrooms vinyl, it can handle most flooring cuts.

Rubber tiles also prove difficult to cut with a few laminate cutters. But due to the combination of the high-quality blade with the anti-slip surface, it can handle these types of cuts as well. Those who are taking on entire projects on their own can also use different accessories from the manufacturer. Products such as plank flooring taping blocks are also available.


Made with impressive durability, the laminate cutter can handle all flooring cut needs in an average home.


  • Made with an ultra-durable blade
  • Includes and anti-slip laminate surface
  • Made in the USA
  • Covered by a 1-year warranty


  • Rubber handle can come off easily

3. Roberts 10-94 Multi-Floor Cutter

Roberts 10-94 Multi-Floor Cutter

Why we like it: This large design is suitable for longer planks with clean and fast cuts.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Designed for home and light commercial use, the laminate cutter is one of the reliable guillotine-style designs made for larger planks of wood. With its 13” blade and a larger stabilizing base than most other alternatives, it is suitable for a variety of laminate planks and for impressive clean cuts. Of course, its larger design is also seen in its oversized handlebar which practically ensures extra cutting strength.

The design of the blade is worth praising of its own. Combining tungsten-steel, the blade is known for its durability and its sharpness. Although it remains sharp for a long period of time, it can also be sharpened with a grinding stone from time to time. With a bit of lubrication, it can become one of the most durable laminate cutters in its price range.

For those seeking faster results, Roberts also offers a 9in alternative. It can work wonders and it can offer a special tool which can even be used with no previous training. However, it is recommended to try a few practice cuts on both laminate cutters first. 

Convenient features

Dealing with various types of laminate floor planks, the cutter offers convenient cuts with reduced effort. Its upper limit for clean results sits at 12mm. On occasion, it will come with chips at the edge of the plank at this thickness, especially with wooden materials.

But it also works well on other types of cuts, such as those on PVC. Since it is a large design, users can also take full advantage of its long handle and with its extra cutting power. But the versatility of the cut is further improved by the 45-degree movable cuts. With angled cuts, users can create different pieces of laminate which can fit perfectly to corners, edges and to prolong other pieces of material.

The blade of the laminate cutter can be replaced as well. After numerous sharpening processes, it will eventually get dull. Users can notice this when it begins to chip the edges of the laminate. It is a good indication that the blade needs replacing. Since the handle can’t be locked for transport, the blade can get a few knocks along the way and it needs to be placed in the vehicle in a way in which it safely sits in place.


With extra cutting power based on the large design, the laminate cutter does a top job on materials of up to 12mm.


  • Made with a large base
  • Easy cuts due to larger handle
  • Made with a replaceable blade
  • Available in 13” and 9” versions


  • Handle can’t be locked in place

4. Bullet Tools 13 in. EZ Shear Laminate Flooring Cutter

Bullet Tools 13 in. EZ Shear Laminate Flooring Cutter

Why we like it: With a 13” blade, the laminate cutter is one of the few designs of its size made in the USA.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Bullet Tools make some of the best designs for laminate cuts. But the 13” laminate cutter is one of its best designs. The long blade can offer quicker results if handled correctly. In terms of cut quality, it is similar to what is seen on its 9” alternative. Users can rest assured all cuts are made to a high standard. In fact, the long blade of the cutter is also made to outlast most other blades. It is believed that the cutter’s blade outlasts the blade of the saw up to 20 times.

In operation since 1998, the manufacturer knows how to combine simplicity with functionality. The same anti-slip surface is used on the cutter as on its 9” alternative which makes all cuts easier and the laminate floors more stable.

Convenient features

There are various cuts which can be performed at any time. Standard laminate cuts are possible with a thickness of up to 12mm. But there are a few other cuts which need to be taken into consideration, especially when the entire floor of the house is designed with different materials.

Users can cut different type of vinyl on the cutter. Luxury vinyl plank and tiles can be cut to precision as well. Engineered Java wood is another good option when going for that luxury look and it can be cut by the long blade.

PVC and class parquet are also handled well. With a built-in ruler, users also have a clear perspective on marks and where the cuts need to be made. Another convenient advantage lies in the 45-degree fence adjustability and the cuts which can go up to 90 degrees. Dealing with corners and the fitting laminate is easy as a result.

Another advantage of the laminate cutter is that it allows users to cut exactly where they work. There’s no back and forth with the materials to a fixed saw. Of course, there’s no dust as well. The flooring job can look cleaner than most users expect as a result.


The versatile laminate cutter is suitable for a general thickness of 14mm and laminate thickness of 12mm.


  • Made with a long blade
  • Hard to match for durability
  • Adjustable fence angle
  • Suitable for luxury vinyl cuts


  • Handle can’t be locked for transport

5. Norske Tools NMAP001 13" Laminate Flooring and Siding Cutter

Norske Tools NMAP001 13" Laminate Flooring and Siding Cutter

Why we like it: Available in a standard and in an extended version, a laminate cut is a versatile tool dealing with all types of materials.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

The design of the cutter is quite unique. Its standard version has a fixed design which only supports regular laminate planks. But the extended version of the laminate cutter is actually an interesting alternative for larger cuts as it extends for better plank support.

The design of the cutter is also based on quality materials. Unlike many other cutters, it is entirely made of steel and aluminum. This is the perfect combination of sturdiness and durable lightweight materials which can handle high pressures.

Adjustability is also at a high level with the laminate cutter. It means that it is just as suitable for angled cuts as it actually is for straight cuts. This is why it’s one of the versatile cutters which can replace multiple tools during floor installation. From 0 to 45 degrees, it offers immediate guard adjustability.

Convenient features

Made by a growing manufacturer, the laminate cutter is clearly made for clean results. The combination of quality materials and of high-speed steel leads to precise cuts. With no splintering, users can cut different types of materials, which include the aesthetically-pleasing laminate planks.

Based on the long 13” blade, the cutter works with a range of larger laminate planks as well. But it’s not mandatory to use it for larger planks. In fact, it has a profile orientated towards contractor use as it offers extra versatility.

With its clean cuts, the tool is also one of the advisable designs for less mess on the floor and less dust on walls. It is also a quiet tool so contractors can consider it when installing floors in offices. It makes no sound so this is why it can be a top alternative for power tools in this scenario. At the same time, there’s no electricity needed to make the cuts. Electricity might not be available in new buildings and this is another scenario where the sharp tool can prove handy.


With adjustable angle cuts and based on high-speed steel, the laminate cutter is a top choice, especially since it comes in two designs.


  • Made from quality steel
  • Uses a long 13” blade
  • Cuts laminate flooring and engineered wood
  • Made with an extended handle


  • Assembly is required

6. EAB Tool 2100010 EAB Tool Professional Floor Cutter

EAB Tool 2100010 EAB Tool Professional Floor Cutter

Why we like it: With an included installation kit, the 13” floor cutter is a powerful alternative to its 9” EAB alternative.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

EAB Tools makes some of the best laminate cutters of the moment. While its 9” version is an acclaimed design, especially for home use, its 13” version is a top alternative. For many users, it can actually be one of the most intriguing designs to consider as it comes with the extra cutting power of a larger blade and larger overall design.

Made to cut laminate flooring, the cutter deals with wood flooring as well as with engineered flooring of up to 15mm. Vinyl tile is also dealt with easily. At the same time, the fiber cement siding materials are no obstacle for the cutter.

Unlike its smaller version, it also includes a starter kit which can help out newbies. Among other accessories, it comes with an included two-sided grinding stone. Suitable for sharp blades with all cuts, it is specifically useful for large home jobs or for contractor jobs.

Convenient features

There are a few convenient accessories included with the laminate cutter. From the tapping block to the wedge spacer, there are a few products to consider. Furthermore, the replaceable blade also allows users to keep the laminate cutter for years. The manufacturer offers affordable replacement blades for the cutter without asking users for a full upgrade whenever laminate planks start to show chips.

There is an angled gauged design on the cutter as well. Even with its larger design, users can still angle the cuts up to 45 degrees. These angled cuts can be made on most types of materials. Hardier planks and laminate planks are among the materials which can benefit from the adjustability.

But the kit itself represents a solution to actually save money. Since contractors have to sharpen the blade more times than the home user, the laminate cutter is among the top solutions for professionals on a budget looking for all the essential floor cutting products to begin a new project.


Made with a large design, the laminate cutter is a top choice for a wide range of thick materials which include laminate planks.


  • Based on a 13in blade
  • Suitable for clean cuts
  • Available as a kit
  • Offers affordable replacement blades


  • Tapping block design can be improved

7. Bullet Tools 20 in. EZ Shear Siding Cutter

Bullet Tools 20 in. EZ Shear Siding Cutter

Why we like it: This large-scale cutter can be used on some of the thickest and largest laminate cutters of the moment.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Made with such a large design, the laminate cutter is actually made to tackle different materials. It shows great results on hardie planks, vinyl, and fiber-cement siding. Since it comes with such a long blade and such a large base, it is actually one of the recommended names for any type of job.

Of course, its size also makes it a contractor-suitable design. With a large-scale design, the laminate cutter also requires less effort on all cuts. Cutting thousands of square feet of laminate planks can be tiresome with a small cutter. But with the 20” cutter, things are completely different. 

At the same time, the design of the laminate cutter rivals a few saws. Used in a few similar cuts, the cutter has its own distinct advantages. For example, it needs no electricity to make the cuts. But at the same time, it makes no dust resulting in cleaner cuts. 

Convenient features

With an adjustable fence, the cutter allows 6/12 pitch cuts on 8inch boards. But one of the most convenient aspects of the laminate cutter actually comes with its impressive durability. As with all Bullet Tools products, the cutter is made with a durable blade which can be used by professionals. The blade outlasts a saw up to 20 times and given its low replacement price, it also becomes the economically-viable choice for many users.

Another convenient feature of the saw is that it can be placed on the regular miter saw stands. Users don’t need to be hunched over when making the long cuts. It will fit on most modern stands which can also be made to highs standards with plenty of support and even foldable designs to serve transportation needs.


With extra cutting power, the laminate cutter is the heavyweight choice from Bullet Tools.


  • Large design made for contractors
  • Long blade life
  • Quiet cuts gave its size
  • Suitable for laminate planks and for hardie planks


  • Too large for home use

8. Manistol 13 inch Pro Flooring Cutter

Manistol 13 inch Pro Flooring Cutter

Why we like it: With a tungsten-steel blade, the durable laminate cutter comes with an extendable handle for extra cutting power.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Made to offer a wide range of benefits such as extra cutting power, the laminate cutter is among the top designs in its class for large jobs. Most strength is lost in the handle and the larger it is, the simpler it is for the user to make the cut. Of course, most modern laminate planks are not too hard, but having the ability to leverage extra power can only lead to cleaner cuts.

Designed with plenty of adjustabilities, the laminate cutter allows regular straight cuts as well as angled cuts. Up to 45 degrees, it has the same adjustability level with other tools from its class.  But at the same time, it can be a more affordable release for many new users.

Convenient features

With a weight just over 18lbs, the laminate cutter is actually perfect for travel. If the average home user is not actually going to move it around too much, professionals will be seeking its design for ease of transportation.

When it comes to cutting power, it allows laminate cuts with perfect edged up to 16mm. From this perspective, it is slightly above its competition. At the same time, its replaceable blade is also more affordable than all other blades of this size. This makes the entire laminate cutter a budget-friendly design, especially in the long term where the savings can increase with the affordable blades.


With clean cuts up to 16mm, the laminate cutter is one of the best in class when it comes to long term savings.


  • Made with durable materials
  • Cheap replacement parts
  • Long handle design
  • Suitable for bamboo flooring


  • No ruler markings

9. Roberts 10-35 Laminate Cutter

Roberts 10-35 Laminate Cutter

Why we like it: The lightweight Robers design is suitable for cuts on the laminate of up to 12mm in thickness.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

Not all laminate cutters need to actually be made for the thickest materials. Some of them can simply represent a good-enough design for commercial laminate planks. As long as they are not thicker than 10mm, the laminate cutter handles them with clean cuts.

Made only with heavy-duty steel, the cutter is also one of the most durable designs of its class. At the same time, the laminate cutter is compact. Its ideal use is at home but at the same time, traveling contractors can consider it as a backup design for their extra-large cutters.

Convenient features

Covering laminate planks of up to 8 inches wide, the cutter is one of the leading choices for practicality. Users can easily push it on the floor exactly to the area they are working in due to its compact design. They can even benefit from improved versatility when replacing flooring in the entire house. The laminate cutter eliminates numerous walks outside to other power tools which would be used on laminate cuts.


With its compact design, a laminate cutter is a fast tool but it is not made for the thicker type of laminate planks.


  • Best for home use
  • Perfect cuts up to 10mm
  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Made from steel


  • Chips on 12mm laminate planks

10. Roberts 10-60 Flooring Cutter

Roberts 10-60 Flooring Cutter

Why we like it: The lightweight design is made for perfect cuts on laminate planks up to 8mm in thickness.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features

With a portable design, the laminate cutter is among the most durable designs of its class. It is specifically made for thin laminate planks and it can be used at home by most users. Even if it is actually made for residential use, it still comes with durability which is comparable to one of the commercial tools. This can be best seen in the design of the 4mm blade. Made with tungsten steel, the blade is as durable as those used in professionals’ tools, especially when not forced on thick materials.

Convenient features

Made with a 9-in blade, Roberts also offers replacements for the cutter. Unlike with many other tools from knock-off sources, finding a new blade is easy and Roberts offers it at an affordable price. But when it comes to convenience, the laminate cutter stands out with its V-shaped design which adds extra stability to the product which is part of an affordable segment known for a bit of wobbliness.


This compact laminate cutter is made with extra stability and affordable replacement parts.


  • Suitable for home use
  • Made with V-shaped stability
  • Uses a replaceable blade
  • Sustains angled cuts


  • Poor performance above 12mm

Guide to Buying the Best Laminate Cutters

Is it safe to use a laminate cutter?

Using a laminate cutter might not require too much time to master. For safety purposes, it is recommended to read the user’s instructions and then make a few practice cuts. As a general rule, the hands need to be away from the blade at all times.

How many cuts can I make with a laminate cutter?

A laminate cutter can handle hundreds of cuts before the blade needs to be re-sharpened. Depending on the thickness of the laminate plank, this might need to be done a little bit quicker. But at the same time, there are plenty of reasons to consider the laminate cutter for years and years, especially as the blades can be replaced on the best laminate cutters.
I want to install laminate floors in an office, is it suitable for the job?

Using a laminate cutter in a large space is still possible. Regardless of the square feet, users should be able to make the necessary cuts when needed. In most cases, the sharpness of the blade is the only limiting factor for large areas.

How long does a laminate cutter last?

A laminate cutter can last for years. Made from steel or a combination of aluminum and steel, the best laminate cutters are actually very easy to use. For most users, they represent a top choice when it comes to future proof purchases as most laminate cutters never get upgraded.

Is there any maintenance on a laminate cutter?

Sharpening the blade should be done as often as needed. But oiling the blade can also protect it against rust and improve its durability. All maintenance steps should be detailed in the user’s guidelines.

What is tungsten steel?

Tungsten steel is a special alloy. At its base, it is steel reinforced with tungsten. The right amount of tungsten needs to be added to the steel. Too little tungsten allows the still to bend while too much tungsten hardness the steel and makes it prone to fractures.

Why choose the best laminate cutter?

When it comes to the best laminate cutters, there are a few elements to consider. Prices vary considerably and many users could be left wondering if there’s really a point in investing in the best laminate cutters. The main idea is that this is truly possible and actually recommended as the best laminate cutters offer the cleanest cuts. Other benefits are detailed as follows.
No extra walking

Another advantage of laminate cutters lies in its practicality. Since it can make cuts on the spot, a laminate cutter requires no extra walking as many other power tools do. Without walking thousands of steps each day, this means workers can feel more relaxed at the end of a shift. At the same time, users have the ability to take the laminate cutter with them where power cords cannot reach, which is the case with new residential and business developments.

Cuts with no dust

A distinct advantage of the laminate cutter is making cuts with no dust. For most users, it is this ability which allows them to stay on point with most re-modeling jobs around the house. The last thing people need is to actually cover furniture, paintings, mirrors, and windows when installing laminate floors. A laminate cutter eliminates this preparation process and it actually cuts the installation time, which is perfect in today fast-paced world.

Impressive durability

The durability of a laminate cutter is considerably more suitable for the average user than that of a power tool. With not many moving elements and with most work done by the cutting blade, laminate cutters are made to last. Just as most manual cutting tools, there is minimum maintenance and care needed to keep them in shape over the years. But they can be a top tool for those concerned about durability.

Quiet operation

Working inside a home or even in a busy office with power tools can create noise pollution. But the laminate cutter eliminates this problem completely compared to power tools. Contractors can quickly install laminate floors without disturbing those in the premises, which is one of the ways businesses can replace old flooring without interrupting daily activities.

Lightweight portable designs

One of the undervalued benefits if using a laminate cutter actually comes with its portable nature. Even the largest laminate cutters can easily be transported in a car. This is not the same with many electric saws as they often need a pair of extra helping hands for transportation needs. Compared to manual saws, laminate cutters also offer quicker and straighter cuts, so the advantages are still worth the investment for most users.

Final words

Some of the best laminate cutters are made using different materials. If steel and aluminum are used for the frame, anti-slip materials are used for the supportive base. Special allows materials are used for the cutting blade and it is here that the difference can be made between a good cut and the best cut.

The best laminate cutters also come with ruler markings to simplify all cuts. For most users, it is an actual opportunity to learn more about the type of laminate plank sizes needed for various tasks. For other users, it is actually a professional characteristic for a perfect job.

But a lot can be said about a laminate cutter manufacturer by the way it handles customer inquiries. Some of the best brands, like those seen above, are actually doing a great job at offering clients all the information they need. Most of these enquires are related to replacement parts. The great news is that these parts are available. Furthermore, as seen above, many brands offer complete starter kits which can even include grindstones. But regardless of the chosen laminate cutter, the right technique needs to be practiced for perfect cuts. The thickness of the laminate plank also needs to be matched to the capacity of the laminate cutter for the best results.