Toolbox Essentials: Q1 2022 Catalog

Jho Porter

Jho Porter is a writer, editor, business owner, and programmer who explored 14 countries before finding her forever home in rural Pennsylvania. One of two owners of a beautiful, open-floor fixer-upper and a penny-pincher to the core, she prefers to DIY her home improvement projects, firmly believing that most projects are doable with hours and hours of research, the right tools, and the right attitude. From building her own TV stand, to clearing her untamed yard, to finishing her uninsulated garage and transforming it into a gym--she does it all with the help of her handy husband and of course, the many skilled instructors of YouTube Academy. When she's not working on a DIY project or making money to save up for a condo in the city, she's either watching TV, reading webcomics, or playing video games.

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